Expanding Your Professional Network: 5 Ways to Grow Your Network With GodKulture

College classes hardly tell us about the importance of expanding our professional networks. Yet, networking has proven to be one of the keys to becoming more creative and successful in business. 

Networking refers to establishing connections within a specific field. The reason for building and expanding your network is to acquire formidable relationships that help you achieve your goals. 

One avenue to build and expand your professional network as a Christian professional and creative is GodKulture. In this post, we will discuss five ways to grow your network with GodKulture.

How to Grow Your Network with GodKulture

GodKulture is a community of global leaders that come together to influence their world with Kingdom culture. It is more than a platform. It is a movement. The question is, “how do you expand your professional network with GodKulture if you become a member?” We will discuss five ways in this section.

GK Community

From the explanation of what GodKulture is, you can tell that it is a vast network. Individuals from all over the world are members of this network. But how do you gain access to those that have similar goals as yours? Through the GK Community.

This platform focuses on helping members of GodKulture build strong connections. We believe that with these connections, you can collaborate with like minds to achieve the unimaginable. Here are a few benefits of becoming a part of the GK Community:

  • Conversations with individuals with common interests.
  • Gain knowledge and inspiration from creatives all around the world.
  • Collaboration on community projects.
  • Feedbacks on posts and projects by other creators.

You have the opportunity to set up private or public social groups. These groups come with activity feeds for more accessible communication. The good news is that you are not restricted to one group. You can join multiple groups. More than this, you can suggest new group ideas to GK Community admins, and they will create them.


Vendor Table at Events (ambassador level)

One of the best ways to grow your network with GodKulture is through vendor tables at events. This privilege comes with registering as an Ambassador Level member or higher. 

GodKulture organizes several events all through the year. Many of these events have members from different parts of the world attend physically. You can take advantage of their attendance by having a vendor table at such events.

A vendor table showcases your products so that other attendees can see them and patronize you. The aim is to build contacts that will keep patronizing your business after the events. 

You can take it a notch higher by creating souvenirs to present to attendees that visit your vendor table. This way, any time they see your souvenirs, they remember your business. As such, they can call on you once they need your products or services.


GodKulture hosts several forums on its platforms. Examples of such forums include GROW Virtual Conversations and GodKulture Lounge. Each of these forums is built around specific ideas that members can discuss. Some popular topics include purpose, creativity, entrepreneurship, growth mindset, etc.

To build your network using any of these forums, you need to seek out one that suits your purposes. Read through the conversations and make contributions where you can. You will also see the comments of other experts in that field. When you find someone that you feel is worth connecting with, reach out to the individual. 

Creative Networking Events

As we mentioned above, GodKulture organizes several creative networking events all through the year. Most of the time, these events allow physical attendance even though you can also connect virtually. 

To use these creative networking events to expand your network, you may need to attend physically. You can meet up with industry experts, Christian professionals, and other individuals when you do this. The best time to make such connections are during breaks and over dinner.

You can also build connections virtually during these events, though it is not as easy as physical attendance. For example, you can send private messages during Zoom meetings. However, you have to be very careful so that you don’t come across as offensive.

Conference VIP Seating

A sage once said, “your network is your net worth.” The kind of individuals that you have in your network matters. When building your network, you should work towards having the best hands and brightest brains possible.

Where else to find such individuals than in the VIP section of a networking event. Joining GodKulture as an Ambassador Level member or higher exposes you to this opportunity. This implies that you will be sitting with captains of industry and top-level professionals at these events. You can seize the opportunity to have discussions, exchange contacts, and meet up after the event.


After looking at these exciting ways to build your network through GodKulture, you are probably thinking about joining. Click here to become a member of GodKulture. You can also read up articles on our blog to draw inspiration and boost your creativity.

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