Is being a Follower overrated? Stay on Track: Follow Jesus

Jesus, A Leader that Christians Profess to Love, But Not Everyone Chooses to Follow

On its merit, the authority of Jesus demands obedience, and yet Jesus never tried to force our compliance. He inspired, taught, and instructed his followers.  

“…For there were many who followed him.”

 -Mark 2:15

Complying with Jesus’ commands is not a piece of cake. Though many followed and still follow Jesus today, we often fall short of complying with Jesus’ orders. I believe that those who follow or identify as Christ-followers desire more than anything but to live like Christ and follow His teachings. We know that we are redeemed and that we are still submitting all that is part of us that refuses to follow.   

In the Bible, “to follow” means to submit to the authority of Jesus’s Christ. Mark 1:22 gives a great descriptive example of how many of us come to recognize Jesus’ power, but John 3:2 shows us why we come to accept his authority.  

“…For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”  ~John 3:2

In my opinion, being a Christ-follower today is not overrated because a follower who chooses to follow Jesus recognizes that God Is With Jesus and that no one could have done what He did for us then, and still does today every day.

He inspires me to continue to follow and submit to His authority. We are instructed to follow the narrow path that leads to salvation, and while this is no easy feat, staying on track on that narrow path should be our lifelong goal. 


We all have different experiences that make it hard or easy to submit to authority. 

Remember that Jesus requires and inspires submission yet will never force it out of you. 

Keep in mind that He inspires us to follow that narrow path. 

Get it Done!

Read your Bible. Journal. Keep growing in Him and the Holy Spirit. He will help you with any areas that you are struggling to submit to his authority. 

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