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Waiver & Media Release

In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Chicago Inter-Church Sports Competition, I hereby agree for myself, successors, heirs and assigns, release and forever discharge Godkulture Global Corporation NFP, ASM Global, Chicago Park District, and ComEd Rec Center, their employees, officers, and directors from all claims, actions or judgments I may have or claim to have against Chicago Inter-Church Sports Competition for all personal injuries, including death, and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of my or churches’ participation in any Godkulture event and further agree for myself, team, successors, heirs and assigns to indemnify and hold the Chicago Inter-Church Sports Competition harmless for all claims and suits for personal injuries, including death, damages to property arising out of participating, and from all judgments recovered and from all expenses incurred in defending said claims or suits.

I further agree that my photographs, pictures, slides or movies will be taken in connection with my participation, cooperation, or association authorized by the Chicago Inter-Church Sports Competition.

I am in good health and have no physical condition that would prevent me from participating in Chicago Inter-Church Sports Competition events. I, undersigned have read and understand the foregoing release.