The Bible as a Personal Growth Manual

The Bible is just another respected religious book to most people. However, when you study the Bible, you will realize that it is a life manual. 

Christian professionals must understand the power of the Bible as a personal growth manual. If you are wondering how, read this post to the end.


Reasons why the Bible is a Personal Growth Manual

The Bible tells us the story of how man and the rest of the universe came into existence. It gives us a vivid picture of a man losing his glory and the sacrifice God made to hand it back. This book also reveals what man should do to enjoy the benefits of this sacrifice and bask in God’s glory. Having laid this foundation, let’s show you some reasons why GodKulture believes the Bible is a personal growth manual.

It gives the clearest explanation of mankind’s existence

Of all the books that have existed, none has explained mankind’s existence and journey as the Bible. For example, the Bible describes how God conceived the idea of creating man. It also tells us the story of how mankind expanded to the ends of the earth.

If one is going to find why they exist, there is no better guide than the Bible. According to Dr Munroe, five questions motivate human behavior. These questions include:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my origin?
  • What is the reason behind my existence?
  • What is my destination?
  • What are my abilities?

Dr. Waitely considers these questions so necessary. He sees them as the legs that hold up the chair of self-esteem. Other books may give you the answers to these questions. However, they all take their basis from the Bible.

It is an authority on wisdom

According to Proverbs 4: 7, “Wisdom is the principal thing.” This scripture also advises us to get wisdom. Let’s break this down.

It is no secret that we all want a better life, more income, and lots more. Man is driven by the fact that there is always a better place. It is impossible to achieve all of this without wisdom. Why? Wisdom is the application of knowledge. So whether you run a Christian ministry, an online Christian community, or just your life, wisdom is paramount.

When Moses wrote the “Torah,” they were written as a guide to perfect living at the time. Even though times have changed, you still find loads of wisdom in those books. 

Asides from this, the Bible also contains accounts of some of the wisest kings and humans to have existed. We can use their lives as a template for our lives. Read through the book of Proverbs, and you’d enjoy amazing wisdom nuggets to guide every aspect of your life. Many books on wisdom today take their basis from the Bible.

Leading authority on faith

According to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, faith is a state of mind. He explains further that it can be created or induced by repeated instructions or affirmation to the mind. It is impossible to achieve anything without faith. The whole personal development industry agrees with this.

If you have read through the Bible, you will agree that it also approves of this idea. For example, the Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith. We cannot even relate to or connect with the Creator without faith.

Several books in the Bible back the idea that faith is important for achievement. They also back Hill’s principle regarding how faith is induced or created. According to Romans 10:17, the Bible explains that faith comes by hearing the word of God. In other words, faith is created or induced by hearing the word of God.

Many of the books written on faith are very complicated and sometimes, ambiguous just because they are trying to avoid referring to the Bible. However, the more articulate ones refer to the Bible as their basis. Faith is a key aspect of personal development, and the Bible is the major authority here. Do you now see how the Bible is a great personal development manual?

Top book on Spiritual matters

Man has always sought ways to explain his spirituality. So many theories exist, but none seems to be as clear as what the Bible explains. The Bible is very clear by saying that God breathed Himself into the nostrils of man to make him a living being. How much clearer can the explanation of man’s spirituality be?

We referred to Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”, earlier. Hill mentioned that man must influence his “subconscious mind” with his object of desire. The subconscious mind here is a similitude of man’s spirit, and “object of desire” signifies “purpose.”

Where the rubber meets the road is that for us to present any suggestion to our spirits, it must be credible. The challenge is that man cannot determine what is credible or not. Only God does. This is why no matter how much scientists suggest that God doesn’t exist, man’s spirit finds it difficult to accept.

Most personal development coaches understand this and take their most-priced principles from the Bible. The Bible teaches us how to relate with our spirits and with God better than any other book. 

It teaches us to believe in God to become better

Personal development is all about becoming better people. However, we cannot indeed become better individuals or Christian professionals by ourselves. We need to have a basis for our faith and a pattern to follow. The Bible offers us these and lots more.

It shares the stories of different men and what they did to become better. We also access the wisdom nuggets of great men like King Solomon from the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. This book contains everything that we need to become better people, far more than any other book teaches.


A good companion to lead you through the journey of personal development is the Bible. We have shown you how this book is the perfect personal development manual. You can check out other excellent articles for personal development at GodKulture.

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