The GodKulture Experience is about Community, growth and charity. This is summed up under 4 pillars that we call the 4Gs of GodKulture. They are:

Grow. Govern. Give. Get-Together.

We believe that every Godulture member should grow, first inwardly and then outwardly. Leadership starts with leading one’s self. We believe that leadership is not about ruling over people but rather inspiring others to greatness and solving problems in our world. 

Growing inwardly for a Godkulture member means discovering one’s purpose, and walking in that purpose. We grow by learning and sharing. It’s taking advantage of the spiritual and personal development resources provided by GodKulture.

We believe that our members should be transformational leaders who take responsibility for finding solutions to the challenges that affect the world. We find solutions to problems and collaborate to make the world a better place.

This means being involved in public affairs, civics, community engagement, and taking a lead in championing causes that bring about positive change. GodKulture members do not sit on the sidelines. We pray and act.

We believe in generosity. We believe in doing good with what we’ve been given. We are passionate about helping those that do not have as much as we do. We believe in giving generously not just to our organization, our local churches, but have a strong focus on supporting the less privileged. GodKulture members are always looking for opportunities where they can be a blessing to others that do not have the same privileges.
We believe that life should be lived in community and not in isolation. We believe that positive change happens when we come together. Growing, governing and giving finds meaning when we collaborate. A GodKulture member believes in the concept of mutual interest and shared responsibility.