5 Movies to Check Out on Netflix Now

Netflix has a huge repertoire of movies and series, from rom-coms to action and thrillers. Guess what, this platform also has amazing Christian movies that you can enjoy. 

Do you need movie adaptations of your favorite Bible verses or movies with faith-based undertones? You can rest assured that Netflix has something that you will enjoy while boosting your faith. Interestingly, some of these movies feature familiar faces and are perfect for viewing by the whole family.

In this post, we will show a list of our top five faith-based movies on Netflix at the moment. You can bet that the movies on this list will help to fortify your faith and help you know God better. Let’s go!

Top 5 faith-based movies on Netflix

Before we go ahead, we should let you know that Netflix updates its list of movies monthly. As such, it deletes any movies that have their contracts expired from its list and adds new ones. Ensure that you bookmark this post as we will always update it to get rid of the movies that Netflix has dropped. Now, to the movies.

Faith, Hope & Love

Faith runs a dance studio but she is divorced and her studio is about to go under. In a bid to save her studio, she enters a dance competition. She meets Jimmy Hope, a widower, at the competition and things get a little more interesting.

Jimmy has two beautiful daughters and one of them prays that God matches her dad with Faith in the contest. For her, she and her sister can have a new mother. God heeds her request and answers her prayers.

Now, Faith is rediscovering her faith through Jimmy and is beginning to realize her dreams. On the other hand, she starts to teach Jimmy the ropes of falling in love all over.

Riding Faith

Remember John Schneider from “Duke’s of Hazzard?” He is back, this time in a faith-based movie titled “Riding Faith.”

A family-owned ranch is about to be foreclosed. Mother Rebecca and her daughter, Grace, face struggles as they come to terms with father Mike’s (John Schneider) death.

Mother and daughter drift apart after the former sells a horse named Faith that Grace’s father gifted her. This horse was her last real memory of her late father, a gift she wanted to cling to forever. Grace is in a struggle to keep her faith while her mother battles with understanding why God isn’t answering her prayers.

Come Sunday

This movie is quite different from the others on this list. First of all, it is one of the Netflix originals, second, it is inclined toward more liberal-leaning Christians. Come Sunday features Chiwetel Ejiofor the Oscar-nominated actor from “12 Years a Slave.”

The movie tells the story of an Oral Roberts (Martin Sheen) protégé (Chiwetel Ejiofor). This protégé rejects the idea of eternal damnation as he believes that God will be too cruel to damn all non-believers.

The movie is a true-life story of Carlton Pearson, one of Oral Roberts’ proteges and a bishop from Oklahoma. Chiwetel Ejiofor does an amazing job of portraying this character and this movie will leave you glued to your screen.

The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah is a movie adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel. It tells the story of our Lord and Savior when he was just 7 years old.

After the death of Herod, Jesus’ family moves back to Nazareth from Egypt. Remember they had to flee after being warned by the angel before Herod’s evil decree to kill all boys less than 2 years old. 

Herod’s son has taken the throne of his father. However, Jesus’ parents are oblivious of the fact that Herod’s son wants Jesus dead, just like his father. The Young Messiah pictures this story through the eyes of Jesus.

At this time, his both parents haven’t yet told him about the happenings surrounding his birth. They have also kept from him his role as “Savior of the World.” The young Jesus Christ grows into his identity as a religious leader. This defines him and his assignment on the face of the earth. 

Full Count

Are you a lover of sports drama with a touch of the faith message? If yes, then Full Count is a movie that you should see. It features John Paul Kakos as a baseball pitcher known as Milton John. Milton’s dream is to play baseball in college before going on to becoming a professional baseball player.

All his dreams come crashing like a pack of cards when his father dies. Now, he has to return home to his small farm town. He had fought very hard just so he would escape working on his father’s farm. With the demise of his father, he must return to salvage the farm from going extinct.

Things get worse for Milton when he kills a pedestrian in an accident just after his father’s funeral. He is taken to jail where he is held for two days. All through his time in jail, Milton is praying for vindication and God’s help. Soon he is released and upon his return home, the crops on his family farm have grown miraculously. Milton also has an angel on his side to help him out.


That’s it for movies to check out on Netflix at the moment. Which of these movies have you seen? Do you have any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below.

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