4 Ideas on Celebrating Easter

Easter, for most Christians, is the most important Christian holiday. This holy day celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection after His crucifixion and death. Easter marks the victory that we have over sin in Christ.

It is a few days to Easter and the question is, “How do you celebrate Easter with your family?” In this post, we will share four ideas that you can consider. 

Ideas on Celebrating Easter

When we think of Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Through His death and resurrection, we gained victory as we were translated into God’s kingdom from the kingdom of darkness.

During a holiday such as this one, it is always great to have your family around. How do you celebrate with them? Here are four ideas that you can choose from:

Tell the Easter story

If you have young kids around, this is a perfect time to share the Easter story. They are probably celebrating what they don’t understand. You don’t want that to happen.

Seize the opportunity to tell them how Jesus Christ went to the cross for their sake and died. Don’t fail to tell them about the resurrection morning and the victory that we have through these events. 

Ensure that you are very graphic when telling your story so that they can understand easily.  Entertain questions when you are done and ask them a few as well to be sure they grasped everything you said.

Easter puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to keep every member of your family engaged during special holidays. You can create simple Easter-themed puzzles and have everyone present participate. Don’t know how to create a puzzle? That’s not a problem. You can print one off the internet.

Sit around the table together and present everyone with a copy. Attach a gift to add some fun. People would get more interested if they knew they would win something afterward.

Read Easter-related Bible verses

celebrating Easter
Read Easter-related Bible verses together

As you tell your story, you can make things more practical by reading Easter-related Bible verses together. Get a list of Bible verses that relate to the theme of the holiday and share them among everyone present.

You can tell each person to read out their Bible verse so the whole family can hear. After doing this, they can explain what they learned from the scripture they read. This is always engaging, insightful, and fun. Allow people to make contributions and ask questions after reading all the verses.

Watch Easter-themed movies

One of the best ways to relax as a family is to watch movies. Why not add some fun and practicality to your Easter holiday by seeing a few Easter-themed movies?

Surf the internet to check out the top Easter movies that you can watch with the whole family. Download or stream these movies. Set up your movie area, it could be indoors, or outdoors, depending on your preference. After completing all the activities you lined up for the day, you can gather everyone and see the movie you chose.


Easter is a great holiday to spend with loved ones. As we remember the death and resurrection of our Savior this season, endeavor to celebrate with them. This post has shown you four ideas to consider as you celebrate. Do you have any others? Kindly share them with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, visit GodKulture for other insightful posts.

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