5 Keys To Transformational Leadership

As a sport, I understand that basketball gives a sense of belonging to its audience and teams, and I love basketball because of that. But beyond what it does and represents, I love it because its industry-essence is rooted in processes, systems, and people.

Creating systems that anyone can reproduce and implement anywhere globally and still be the same proven system can be difficult, and it can take time. It requires an organized, disciplined, and focused approach. Yet, aligning all of the individuals that are part of a team is not an easy job either. Teams take on a “Bigger Role” in any organization. Teams are responsible for shaping and giving birth to an organization’s future.  

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

 ~Michael Jordan. 

Aligning all of the individuals that are part of an organization is not a job for just anyone. To achieve organizational alignment takes emotional intelligence coupled with exceptional people skills, and Transformational Leadership takes on this job. 

What is Transformational Leadership? 

Transformational Leadership is nothing more than an approach to Leadership often utilized to create valuable change in individuals or organizations to turn followers into leaders. 

Why do Transformational Leaders exist? 

To inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to keep going despite any challenges they may face.

Here are Five Transformational Leadership Keys that will help you inspire, encourage, and motivate each individual to invest in the organization’s overall success and purpose equally. 

  1. People are problem solvers by nature. To keep individuals similarly invested in your organization’s vision, mission, and assigned projects, implement the solutions they provide to the team. The implementation of these solutions will make them know they are appreciated and valued.
  1. Keep going despite the challenges they may face. When people are happy with their work, workload, employer, and team-leaders, happiness and joy are contagious. To guarantee each individual in your organization provides the best outcome and best customer service consistently: Don’t allow unnecessary ongoing-paid and non-paid over time to become part of your company’s culture. Establish and enforce a healthy- balanced- work- life.
  1. Participate in furthering the future of any organization. When people know how their unique skills and talents advance a clear organization’s vision, values, and specific purpose, individual and team commitment grows, employee engagement and job satisfaction are boosted. Establish a future centered-ever-growing organization, provide team members with ongoing and continuous opportunities to innovate, create, develop skills, and add new ones. 
  1. Reproduce a collaborative environment that drives change and a prosperous future for the organization. 

a Assemble the right team- leaders who will align willingness with intentionality to reproduce a clear-structured process and nurturing-collaborative system. Have recurrent team-hurdles where team-leaders review, discuss and get feedback about their process implementation and consistency. These recurrent team-hurdles will guarantee the organization’s DNA is reproduced, and it will increase positive team-expression of thoughts and opinions. 

b Ensure that all leaders and team-leads: Are responsive, have a consistent follow-up, and don’t dismiss any of their team members. This consistency creates a safe-work-together environment where “everyone” knows they are included and inspired to rise to the challenge to make a difference.

  1. To reach an organizational-culture where each team member has each other’s back, has job satisfaction, and achieves consistency:

a. Let Transformational Leadership take the lead. . People work faster, find mistakes quickly, and innovate better when treated equally and fairly. 

b Provide ongoing transformational leadership conferences and workshop-retreats for all organization members, NOT just team-leaders and leaders. 

c. Enforce and ensure everyone follows and applies transformational Leadership best practices to ensure they act by the organization’s shared core values. 

d.Have quarterly DNA-organization-culture-  Focus Quarterly team-lead one on one meetings to review team-leadership style and practices. Empower people by implementing needed changes! 

Remember that Transformational Leaders exist to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to keep going despite any challenges they may face. Recognizes all individuals are stakeholders in the organization and each of their voices. When you do this, you are supporting them and helping them provide and deliver excellent business results.

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