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Countdown to PurposeFest 2022: How to Develop a WOW Factor

The countdown to PurposeFest 2022 is on as we are just a few days away. One of the main benefits of attending PurposeFest is that it helps you to develop the “WOW” factor. Wondering what the “WOW” factor is? Continue reading this post to find out.

Why you should not miss this year's edition
PurposeFest 2022 is just a few days away

What is the “WOW” Factor?

Have you come across certain individuals, and the first thing that comes to your mind is “Wow?” Their results seem out of this world, from how they speak to the quality of their work. You cannot just help to admire and want to be like them.

The scenario painted above clearly describes the “WOW” factor. It means being exceptional or extraordinary. Having this factor refers to delivering top-notch results in your field. When you are superior to the average quota, you have the “WOW” factor.

How to Develop the WOW Factor

We all would love to be praised for delivering exceptional results. Who wouldn’t want to get awards and be recognized as the best in their field? Such achievements don’t come easily. You’d have to put in years of work, but that may not be enough. The question that begs an answer is, “how can you develop the WOW factor?”

Here are a few pointers:

Discover purpose

Every human being was created with a purpose. God had a plan for you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. This purpose has a strong pull on your life. Because of this, you discover that you have an affinity for certain activities or you prefer to spend time engaging in specific activities.

It is easier to be exceptional at what you were designed to do than to try to fit into another person’s calling. The reason is that you have an extraordinary passion for your purpose. This passion will keep driving you, even when the chips are down.

Be open to new ideas

Nobody is an island of ideas. You cannot know it all. The moment you stop learning, you become stagnant. It is no secret that stagnant water always stinks.

One way to become exceptional at what you do is to be open to new ideas. There will always be new information, methods, products, services, or equipment. Don’t stick with the old. Instead, transit from the old to the new to improve your results. You may need to ask questions at some point to get the latest information.

Forsake your comfort zone

Sticking with methods or routines you know and are comfortable with is pretty straightforward. However, you cannot stick with the norm and expect to produce exceptional results. You have to take calculated risks to become a more robust version of yourself.

Be open to testing new waters, exploring the unknown, and trying new ideas. Growth is not a convenient process. If you are going to become exceptional in your field, you should be ready for the extra mile. Extraordinary experiences birth outstanding results.

Improve your unique skills

Each one of us was blessed with unique skills and gifts. Unfortunately, many people are yet to discover theirs, and several of those that have never use them to the fullest. It is impossible to be mediocre when you find out and improve your unique skills.

Find out what you are good at, write down your different talents, and start to work on them. There must be a few things that come to you naturally. Push yourself beyond the limits by working on these skills and gifts. Before long, you’d become a global phenomenon.

Attend purpose-focused events

There is a limit to how much you can help yourself become exceptional. At some point, you will need to network with others to gain access to mentorship and resources to help you improve.

One place to find the right network is at purpose-focused events. An example of such an event is PurposeFest 2022. These events expose you to seasoned speakers who share their experiences and show you how to become better. You also meet other purpose-driven individuals that sharpen your focus and inspire you.


Now you know how to develop the “WOW” factor. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below. You can register for PurposeFest 2022 by clicking this link. Also, we invite you to spend some time reading inspirational articles on GodKulture to help you become an exceptional creative.

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