7 Questions to Help you Discover Purpose

Do you experience a feeling of emptiness, like something is missing about you? Have you always wondered how to make a difference in your world but don’t know how? Just like you, many of us pass through life desperate to satisfy that same feeling. Interestingly, only a few get to achieve it.

The fact that you work in Christian ministry doesn’t mean that you have discovered purpose. Different studies show us how important discovering purpose is. When you find purpose, it gives you direction, makes you live longer, and improves your wellbeing. According to Mark Manson, many adults don’t have a clue what they should be doing.

Here’s some good news for you. The journey to purpose discovery isn’t futile. By answering a few questions, your eyes might be open to seeing what your purpose is. We have put together 7 of these questions in this post.

Questions to help you discover purpose

Earning a decent living isn’t the same as discovering purpose. Success goes beyond earning more money, being happy, or having positive relationships. It is contributing to something that you truly care about.

Below are 7 questions to help find that purpose that has seemed elusive all the while:

What was your passion as a child?

Every child has something that they are passionate about. It could be building figurines, writing stories, or playing some sport. Usually, it is something that brings some emotional fulfillment.

Can you remember yours? In theory, we encourage children to remain active in following such passions. However, in real life, we end up changing focus to other things as we grow up. Such changes result from societal pressure, financial needs, and trying to what is “more important.”

Take a stroll down memory lane to when you were younger. Try to remember your passion and check if you still practice it today. If not, why aren’t you?

What gets your mind off the world that surrounds you?

It is no secret that you lose track of time when you do what you enjoy. You just want to keep going that you lose track of time and the fact that you haven’t eaten. When last did you get to this point? What were you doing that you couldn’t stop? Most times, such tasks are your passion and you wouldn’t mind doing them without remuneration.

What subject flood your conversations with your inner caucus?

Every time you spend time with your close pals and family members, you get to speak frankly. Such frank discussions are flooded with subjects that you find fun and interesting or close to heart.  

Can you cast your mind back to your conversations with your loved ones? What subject or topics do you speak about with them the most? Many times, such subjects are an indicator of where your interests lie and your purpose is.

Would you pursue your dream and make it happen if you had one?

Most of us had dreams as kids that we would have loved to accomplish. You probably wanted to be a poet, singer, travel writer, or even an astronaut. However, many of us abandon these dreams as we grow up because of two major reasons. Either fear of failure or the financial risks involved in achieving our dreams.

Try to take some time to reflect on that dream you’ve always had. Ruminate on it and ask yourself what you can do to make it happen. Instead of looking at the dream with negativity, change your perspective and become positive. Do something every week that brings you closer to achieving those dreams.

If you hadn’t a job currently, what will you do with your time?

We will rather stay in our comfort zone of the job that takes out time and meets our needs. What if you didn’t have that job yet you couldn’t stay home? How would you spend all that free time? If you had to go out, where would be your destination?

While the first thought might be to unwind, likely, you’d soon find something more productive. What are the productive things that you will do with your free time? Write them down and try a few out when next you have a day off.

What issues are you interested in the most?

If you walked into a library full of books today, what books will you pick first? When surfing the internet, what issues attract your attention the most? Ponder on these things and you will know where your interests lie.

What if you aren’t sure? That’s not a problem, you are not alone in this. The more you spend time thinking about this, the easier it will be to figure your interests out. A good way to find your interests out is by doing something that you find productive and enjoyable. Soon, you will discover purpose.

What would you like to accomplish before dying?

A bucket list is one of the best ways to discover purpose. This list shows you the different activities that you consider important and would like to engage in before dying. You seem to find some form of fulfillment from ticking off items on this list. If you don’t have one, draw it today and you just might find purpose.


Several ministry resources talk about discovering purpose, however, this journey of discovery is up to you. We have shown you a few questions that will bring you closer to purpose once you find their answers. Check out GodKulture for more articles to help Christian professionals.

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