Creativity in Business: Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Creativity in Business

It is infrequent to find creativity and business come up in a sentence together in a lot of industries. The reason is that most times, we consider a company to be all about making a profit. On the other hand, we see creativity as focusing on imagination and art. However, when we begin to see both as relatable, we unlock several immense benefits.

What does creativity have to do with business? Infusing creativity into business helps to inspire and challenge us to go against the norm. With this, we can come up with innovative solutions and take advantage of several opportunities. Let’s look at a few benefits being creative presents to business people.


Reasons why you need Creativity in Business

According to LinkedIn, one of the most demanded skills today is creative thinking. Interestingly, researchers regard it as one of the top 3 skills required to run a business. What’s all the fuss about creativity in business? Here are a few reasons why Christian professionals and other entrepreneurs need to be creative in running their businesses:


It is almost impossible not to encounter problems. Whether it is in the business place or Christian ministry, problems are inevitable. The question is, “how do you solve these problems when they arise?” 

You can go the usual way to solve specific problems, but you need to think outside the box in some cases. That “thinking outside the box” is known as creativity. It allows you to view the problem from several angles. As such, you can see different ways to approach the problem rather than the conventional method. With this, you not only solve the problem faster, but you also get a lasting solution.

Improves productivity

Whether you are running an online Christian community or a Fortune500, there’s always one thing on your mind. You want to increase productivity as much as possible. One of the best ways to improve your productivity as a business is to employ creative thinking. Little wonder it has become one of the most sought-after skills in the business world today.

With creativity comes an open and active mind. Creative people are almost always buzzing with ideas. The reason for this is that they keep drawing inspiration from the seemingly insignificant things around them. Their ability to constantly churn out ideas makes them a lot more productive.

Creativity allows you to bring more to the table every time. You will always seek out new solutions to common problems. This ability sparks efficiency and innovation and leads to new inventions as well.

Improves marketing and brand growth

No brand wants to remain on the same spot. Growth is always the goal. To achieve growth, you must be efficient and effective in your marketing endeavors.

Have you noticed that the best marketers are creative people? As we have mentioned above, creative people seek unconventional methods to solve problems. While a regular mind wants to adopt traditional marketing channels, creativity pushes you to take an alternative route. 

In the end, the creative mind adopts strategies that evaluate consumer needs better. They also know how best to introduce products to the market without excess spending. With this, you can grow your brand pretty quickly and also cut out unnecessary costs.

Motivating a team

The quality of products and services that a brand produces depends on how motivated its staff is. We must draw the line between a motivated and skilled team at this point. You can have trained staff who aren’t motivated. They want to do the work to make money, so they don’t put in the extra effort required.

Motivated staff, on the other hand, see themselves as stakeholders in the business. Even when they don’t get as much pay as their counterparts, they are still dedicated. Why? Creativity mitigates burnout, improves intra-organizational communication, and creates togetherness. All these factors come together to ensure that you have a highly motivated workforce that will give their all.

Competitive advantage

Creativity is the new competitive advantage. How is that possible? When you bring creativity together with your raw materials and staff, you birth innovation. What this implies is that you no longer have stale solutions or services as well as unappealing products.

Creativity pushes you out of your comfort zone so that you begin to explore new solutions to consumer needs. The business terrain is changing very quickly, the same way consumer needs are.

With creativity, you can keep up with the ever-evolving consumer needs and business environment. As a result, you can church out unique ideas that keep customers engaged and attracts prospects. All of this saves you ahead of the competition.


Creativity is now an essential aspect of running a business. We have shown you several reasons why you need to improve your creative thinking skills in this post. What other benefits of creativity in business do you know? Please share them with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, check out GodKulture for articles on how to improve your creativity.

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