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Not My Will But Yours: What it Means to Surrender All to God and How to Do it

If you have been a Christian for a while, you must have heard the hymn “I Surrender All.” Most times, when we sing this hymn, we get so emotional, sometimes with goosebumps all over. But is surrendering in the goosebumps or emotions? Of course, not.

When you look at the word “surrender,” it doesn’t seem favorable to the subject of the sentence. This is because it looks like you have lost a battle and are relinquishing power and control to the victor. However, it is entirely different for Christians. This post will show you the true meaning of surrendering all to God and how to do it.

What it Means to Surrender All to God

surrender to God
Surrender your will to God

Many Christians struggle with following God’s will and trusting God to lead them because they don’t understand genuine surrender. To surrender all to God is different from surrendering because you lost a battle. What you are doing, in this case, is telling God that you would rather have His will than yours. You are agreeing that you have no ability to lead yourself and would prefer that He took the reins of your life.

Surrendering all to God is relinquishing your control, plans, and wisdom to Him. You then become like a sheep led by its shepherd, so He directs your steps and decisions and orders your life. Doesn’t this feel like you are losing your will and becoming foolish? To the natural mind, it seems so, but to the spiritually wise, it is the greatest decision because you begin to live when you take this decision.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example here. A few hours before He was arrested to be crucified, He said, “Not my will, but yours.” He would have preferred for the cup to pass over Him, but He was utterly subject to the will of the Father. If it meant that He would lay down His life, then so be it.

How to Surrender All to God

The Bible invites us to surrender our lives to God in several parts of the scripture. Now that we understand genuine surrender, the question is, “how do you surrender all to God?” Truth be told, there isn’t a specific way to do this because surrendering is a continuous process. Here are a few things that you can do to help you surrender all to God daily:

Prayer is the key

Prayer isn’t just an activity to inform God about our needs; it is a time of fellowship with God. The more time you spend in prayer, the easier it is to surrender to Him. Why is this so?

Prayer makes you focus on God and His personality. It reveals God to you in different ways such that your perspective changes. As you pray, you learn to rely on God more, and He begins to reveal His will and plans for you.

Study the Word

This may sound cliché, but the Bible contains instructions and directions to help us live God’s will. Different parts of the scripture beam the spotlight on this fact. One of God’s first instructions to Joshua, when he took over from Moses, was to stay with the Word. The Psalmist highlights this further by saying God’s Word is a light that directs his path.

Studying the Word helps you to see God’s arrangement for your life. It also lets you see if your decisions and plans align with God’s will. You will often get clear direction when you study the Bible through the help of the Holy Spirit. Struggling with studying the Word? Subscribe to the Messiah Devotional today.


Waiting is one of the most challenging things to do, especially in the current dispensation. Human beings are always on the move. We can’t wait to get our plans rolling. However, sometimes, the best way to surrender all to God is to wait.

Have you been stuck praying without getting a clear answer? Or you’ve been studying a part of scripture and still aren’t getting any direction? When this happens, you are at a point where God wants you to wait. While waiting on Him, you must continue praying and studying; sometimes, you may need to fast. The good news is that the “wait” is always worth it (Isaiah 40:31).


To surrender all to God is not as difficult as you think. Once you understand what it truly means and can follow through, you reap immense benefits. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. Also, check out other GodKulture posts to help you grow in the faith.

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  1. Surrendering has always been hard for me because I grew up not being able to trust others. I was always expecting people to hurt me or disappoint me. I want to trust God with every decision. I told God I want to surrender all. I realize I need discipline, obedience, and patience. Thank you for this message. Now, I need to trust His word.