Get Your Creative Boost: 5 Factors That Encourage Creativity

Creativity is quite similar to a muscle, so it needs to be worked, challenged, and stretched. Doing this helps to boost creativity and push it beyond its comfort zone. 

Creativity is an ability that helps you to churn out new ideas and bring them to reality. Today, creative skills have become a lot more important than just for creating art pieces. They are among the most sought-after business skills. 

How then do you encourage creativity? We will discuss the answer to this question in this post.

Factors That Encourage Creativity 

As Christian professionals and secular entrepreneurs, it is possible to hit a brick wall. That point when all your creative juices seem to have stopped flowing. When you get to this point, how do you encourage creativity? Here are a few factors that you can employ:


Are you stuck in a creative rut? You need to ask yourself if you have a passion for what you are doing. According to Albert Einstein, one of the best ways to remain creative is doing something pleasing to you.

The Free Dictionary defines passion as boundless enthusiasm or the object of such enthusiasm. Another school of thought describes passion as the energy produced from infusing more of you into your work. While passion and creativity aren’t the same, passion is one of the core factors that encourage creativity. 

When you do something that you are in love with, it is easier to draw inspiration. You can spend more time doing what you love. This time helps you to build your creativity.


Wondering how being curious helps a Christian creative to encourage creativity? Well, curiosity is an act that involves pursuing new information and experiences. On the other hand, innovation seeks to transform existing ideas and knowledge into new forms. 

So, how do both ideologies relate? Curiosity enables a person to lean towards the uncertainty of new information and experiences to solve problems. You might not have new ideas initially, but the drive to solve a problem pushes you to find new ideas. Again, Albert Einstein insisted that he didn’t have unique talents. What he had was curiosity.

The more you develop your curiosity in a specific direction, the easier it is to become creative in that area. Just like creativity, curiosity is a skill, and you can develop it. Find an area that sparks your interest and develop your curiosity in this area. Watch how your creative juices will begin to flow from this simple action.


Collaboration means coming together with other individuals with like minds to achieve a specific goal. Finding individuals that have the same passion as you do and working with them can be a game-changer. It will benefit you directly.

We are not all on the same level in terms of skills, knowledge, and experiences. Working with a team brings people at different levels together. Making contributions on projects together provides answers and boosts creativity.

One place where you can find other Christian professionals and creative individuals is GodKulture. Our platform comprises a network of leaders from around the globe with a passion for influencing the world positively. There are several networking events where you can meet up with such individuals.


Comfort is quite debilitating to creativity. People who seek change are more likely to be creative. Why is this so? Creativity thrives on tension and discomfort. Let’s consider creativity to be food. You only desire food when you are hungry. The hungrier you are, the more food you are likely to consume.

Creativity isn’t something that you can just “will.” You must be in a state of discomfort with the current situation. It is when you have a push for change that you work towards that change. Squeezing out your creative juices is difficult if you remain in your comfort zone without a problem to solve.


According to Alan Cohen, work and rest are virtues that we must use and cannot overlook. While it is great to grind out results, sometimes, it is best to unplug and do nothing. 

When you hit a brick wall, and you have tried everything else without results, stop! Your best ideas are likely waiting for you to take a break. Resting your mind is essential to working smart and delivering efficiency. 

A study by the Universities of York and Florida shows that over 40% of our best ideas come when we rest. Most of us have had to jump out of the shower to scribble a fantastic idea at some point. Taking some time off does your creativity more good than harm, but you must learn to strike a balance.


We have discussed five factors that encourage creativity in this post. Which of these factors do you use currently? Tell us in the comments section. Meanwhile, check out other articles about boost creativity on GodKulture.

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