Great News! GodKulture Android App is Here!!!

Technology has many perks, including turning our world into a global village. Now, you can connect to individuals millions of miles away by simple taps on your smartphone. GodKulture has seized this opportunity to bring its mandate closer to you than ever.

Remember we told you about the arrival of the GodKulture iOS app late last year? We’ve got some more good news, this time for Android users. GodKulture Android app is finally here, and it is everything you thought it would be and more. Please continue reading to find out the perks of this app and how to find it.

Why Download the GodKulture Android App?

GodKulture is a global community made up of diverse creative individuals. This community aims to exert kingdom culture on every sphere of influence. Because of this, they don’t just see themselves as a group of people. For them, it is a movement.

To this end, GodKulture seizes every opportunity to bring its mandate closer to its target audience. Doing this makes it easier to access exciting resources that will fashion you into a well-equipped Christian creative. This passion is what gave birth to the GodKulture Android app.

Why should you download this app? Check out some of the perks below:

Connect with other creatives

As we mentioned earlier, GodKulture is a vast community comprising creative individuals from every part of the globe. The Bible tells us that “iron sharpens iron.” Connecting with other creatives in your field helps you become a better, well-rounded creative. 

The new android app allows you to build powerful connections in several ways. You can add and follow friends. It also allows you to send private messages to learn from individuals directly. Explore the exciting possibilities surrounding connecting with other Christian creatives in your field.

Access to Courses

Growth is a crucial aspect of GodKulture’s mandate, which seeks to transform regular individuals into seasoned leaders. Training is essential, so GodKulture has an array of courses for each member. While there are other ways to access these courses, the app makes the process easier.

With the app on your smartphone, you can carry these courses around in your pocket or purse. As such, you can study anywhere you are without restrictions.


Finding and fulfilling purpose is a function of the information at your disposal. GodKulture understands this and has a seasoned blog where you can glean such important information.

Of course, the most popular way of accessing blogs like ours is through web browsers. However, you can enjoy a more optimized view by downloading the android app. Set notifications so that you can receive new post alerts. 

Dashboard management

Accessing your dashboard is key to enjoying all the benefits of being a member of the GodKulture community. The GodKulture Android app allows you to manage your dashboard from any location effectively. You no longer have to access your dashboard through web browsers. Sort out all your dashboard management tasks via the app to make life easy.

Other exciting perks

There’s an array of benefits that you will enjoy from downloading the app asides from the ones mentioned above. Below is a summary of some of these benefits:

  • Inspire other creatives.
  • Study sermons and devotionals.
  • Participate in conversations.
  • Post prayer requests, testimonies, life updates, etc., to the public feed.
  • Share feedback on posts and projects.
  • Collaborate with other creatives on community projects.

How to Download the App

You can download the all-new GodKulture Android app via Google Play Store. Kingdom Branding Apps designed the app, and it is free. However, your device must run on Android 5.0 or a newer version for you to enjoy the app.


Having the GodKulture android app on your device presents you with exciting benefits. This post has shown you some of these benefits and how to download the app. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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