The Father's Heart

Introducing “The Father’s Heart,” GodKulture’s Resource for the Month

It’s that time of year again when we get to celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives on Father’s Day. Along with Father’s Day is the arrival of our resource for the month. Allow us to announce the sale of our book, The Father’s Heart.

This book presents an insight into the true Father heart of God and how it translates to what He wants earthly fathers to be. It is a great gift for any man looking to leave a legacy that honors God and is worthy of emulation.

About the Book

Introducing The Father's Heart
The Father’s Heart is available on different platforms

What does it mean or take to be a father?

Does it mean having someone who has your last name and looks like you? Does it mean spending your time or money? These things are important but are they really what it takes to be the kind of father we need to be? This book will discuss and define what it means to be a true father and what it takes to leave a legacy we can be proud of. We will examine some of the duties and responsibilities and some of the challenges we may encounter on our journey of fatherhood.

In this book, we will look at God the Father, who is the essence of true fatherhood, and we will focus on all that He has called us to be as we work towards being the men and fathers that He wants us to be. We will focus on His fatherly attributes and delve into how we can incorporate those characteristics into how we raise our own children and grandchildren. This book will challenge us in areas where we can take an honest look at ourselves, be accountable, and be encouraged to do what is necessary to be the leaders we have been called to be. Through this book, we can build up the generations that will come after us as we chase the Father, who has set the example for us.

Seyi Falaiye
The Father’s Heart was written By Seyi Falaiye

We will all leave a legacy behind us one way or another. It will be a legacy that our children and grandchildren will see, and some may follow. The question is will it be a legacy that our Heavenly Father will be proud of? Let us make every effort we can to build a solid foundation for future generations. 


There is no better blessing than to be a father and no greater calling than to leave a godly legacy. The Father’s Heart is on sale now. Click here to get a copy. Kindly check out GodKulture for other exciting and insightful resources.


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