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Meet Doris Ariole, the Storyteller Using Her Skills and Creativity for God

This series features Kingdom Agents using their gifts and talents for God’s glory and shining light on His Kingdom. Doris is a Christian storyteller who is using her skills for the furtherance of God’s kingdom. Join us as we speak to Doris as she discusses her journey so far.

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Q: Please introduce yourself to us.

A: My name is Doris Ariole, known as the “Storyteller”. I am a Faith-Based Filmmaker, Story Teacher, Faith&Creativity Coach, and an emerging Author. I have been a professional screenwriter since 2006 and have written over 80 screenplays in the Nollywood Film Industry. I have directed four faith-based movies, two of which are on Amazon Prime, Benevolence, and Kinsman. The other two will be out soon. 

My call and commitment to Christian Entertainment has led to Hadassah TV, Africa’s Premier Christian Film Streaming App. I love to inspire and empower creative minds through my coaching and mentorship programs. Recently I launched a Learning Hub called the STORYTELLERS HUB.  It’s an online shop for creatives where they have access to digital resources that drive their creativity to distinctive excellence.


Doris Ariole

Q: What is your salvation story? How did you become a believer?

A: On the 12th of May 2000, I was in a very dark place, suicidal thoughts consumed me because of life issues. I was barely out of my teenage season but felt like there was no hope. My immediate elder sister, Favour, who had been born again for a couple of years by then, walked into the room and saw me crying. She asked what was wrong with me and I shared so many things with her. She cried with me and then told me that “Only Jesus can help you now.” She encouraged me to confess Christ to end those thoughts and get deliverance. 

At that moment I believed because I desperately needed a way out of the darkness that was engulfing my mind. I always say that I would have taken poison if that was what she offered me. Be careful who feeds you in your dark hours. So she led me through the sinner’s prayer and instantly I felt a heavy load lifted off me. I will never forget that experience. I am reliving it even as I speak. I was shocked and she noticed. She told me that is how God works. She gave me Romans 8:1 and explained that Satan will come to use my past against me, but I shouldn’t listen. That scripture has so much power, it always silenced the enemy when he tried to speak in my early days as a believer.

Q: What does communion with God mean to you?

A: At this point, it means living a conscious life where I am walking in the awareness of God’s purpose for me. I achieve this through my commitment to constantly growing in the place of study, prayer, and worship. I would also like to point out that communion with God goes beyond when I am studying the word, praying, or worshipping. It is how I communicate with the people around me, what I feed on, and give out as well. 

Formerly I used to go to God with endless lists and requests, but over time I realized and believed that He has done it all for me. He finishes before He starts and if that is so, then my focus should be to download His will and heart’s desire for me, not upload my desires. Communion is such a broad term to me, can’t exhaust it in one write-up, but yes, it means knowing and intentionally living life with and through Christ.

Q: What is that scripture you have been meditating on recently?

A: Proverbs 18 vs 16, recently for me, since the new year. This verse tends to connect with every teaching I hear and every verse I read. It has ushered me into new revelations of how intentional God has been with me as a creative and the gifts He has bestowed upon me from birth. Every season of life has been aimed at preparing me for the divine purpose which needs the expressions of my many gifts for fulfillment. I have come to understand that the things I have been running after ought to follow me if I work my gift and give it full expression through the grace and anointing of God upon me. It has opened my mind to the need to be sensitive and discerning of my times and seasons. Men making room for me means I can’t do it alone, I need humanity. 

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while building your platform as a kingdom agent?

A: Every creative gift is from God and He alone has the blueprint for your success. The blueprint is based on plans and strategy, what this means is that top on my list is to always be in tune with what God wants me to do or not do, in every season. So, one of the challenges would be attaining consistent sensitivity to the Spirit of God as regards what God wants me to do or not do per season and situation. Sometimes life issues get us worked up and discouraged, we must learn to use the eyes of faith to see and appraise every situation. 


Another challenge has been people connecting with what I am doing. I walk by revelation most times; it sometimes takes spiritually discerning people to see and hear what God is doing through me. I often must prove myself by letting God bring manifestations that vindicate and validate me. For instance, I had to shoot my first Christian movie in 2015 with my savings and family support, so people can see how a faith-based movie can be entertaining, contemporary, and inspirational without being judgmental and boring. It was also spiced up with a little romance. There is just that belief out there that faith-based movies are boring. Even believers have told me so. 

Benevolence opened the door to three other faith-based movies I have done in collaboration with other believers, but there is a need for more. Lastly, funding. The gospel needs funding to propagate. So, from production to marketing my faith-based brand and products I have had to self-fund a great part of them because many people want to see before they believe. The Christian film app has everything to thrive on a global level, but the funds required haven’t come as needed. But it has been God’s grace providing all the way, and for that, I am thankful.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to use their platform/gifts to glorify God?

A: First, be UNASHAMED. God taught me this early enough. When the Lord asked me to make films for Him in 2010, He used the word Christian Films. Many didn’t like it and actually tried to discourage me from promoting myself as a faith-based brand in the entertainment space, but till tomorrow I say it as it is. I make Christian Films Hallelujah! It is such an honor and privilege to minister through films. 

Next, use the platform and spotlight He gives you to celebrate His grace and love, I always acknowledge that my success in the entertainment industry is by the grace of God. Another one is always starting with a clear revelation and instruction of your Brand Essence from God. He will reveal it to you. In 2007 Christmas, I was led to read the book of Esther multiple times. It was during that time I received the Brand name HADASSAH [Esther 2 vs 7]. I went on to register my production company Hadassah Studios Ltd. 

Through the years as I evolve and my Brand, Hadassah World expands [Hadassah Christian Entertainment Network, Hadassah TV and Storytellers Creative Agency], it has been revelation after revelation from God that informs my activities. Queen Esther stood for many things, one of them is to stand for a Kingdom mandate and purpose. My Brand is unapologetically promoting God’s Kingdom Culture through Entertainment. You must have faith in God. It will not be easy; the enemy will come at you but he is already defeated. You must be a person of prayer who spends time in the word and worship. Do not be afraid to stand out. DO NOT TRY TO BLEND. If you do, the enemy will distort the truth of your Brand and its essence. Be patient, there is always a process. 

The enemy only offers you a flash-in-the-pan success which you will pay for regrettably. With the Lord, it has been paid for in full by the Lord Jesus, just walk by faith into the manifestations of glory that await you in seasons. The list is endless, be kind, be generous with your gift, and be forgiving. Always sow seeds into the Kingdom through ministries and the saints. Avoid being bitter, just get better and you will eventually get bigger. Resist the temptation to copy, covet or compete. Your authentic self is enough and unique because God never runs out.

Q: How can people reach you online?

A: You can join my mailing list through this link:

Connect with me on Instagram: @dorisariole or send me an email at:

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: Studying the book of Ezra in different versions and reading STORYNOMICS By Robert Mckee.  


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