NYC Pastor Holds ‘Historic’ Revival Event in Times Square

According to Christian Headlines, an NYC pastor held a historic revival event at Times Square. The massive event had several thousand attendees who joined in for prayers, worship, and deliverance. Pastor Mike Signorelli, a clergy at V1 Church, New York, mentioned receiving permission from Mayor Eric Adams’ office to hold the event. He said this while speaking to CBN Digital.


NYC Pastor Speaking About the Historic Revival Event

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It is not every day that you see a revival service holding at the famous Times Square. However, Pastor Mike Signorelli has gone against the grain to hold a special revival event at this ground. When speaking to CBN Digital, he said, “We were given permission. It was a permitted event.”

He further explained that it was “insane” when talking about how he felt about the attendance. Signorelli said, “At the end, I prayed for people to receive the gifts of the spirit. There were hundreds of people who reported receiving the gift of tongues. New York City streets were filled with people singing in the spirit; we had many drug addicts surrender drugs, people cancel suicides.”

The pastor said that the event was the result of a viral video he had released that showed him praying for Mayor Eric Adams of New York. He walked through the streets of the city, declaring and prophesying what he believed God was about to do. According to Signorelli, it was this video that helped him to connect to the mayor’s office. Through this, he was able to get a permit for the event.

Signorelli’s New Movie

Aside from the historic revival at Times Square, Signorelli has also released a new movie. The movie is titled “The Domino Revival” and is currently in the theaters. This movie takes viewers on a journey with Pastor Signorelli and some revivalists who have played critical roles at different times in the history of the United States.

Here’s what the synopsis reads, “As society’s fascination with the supernatural intensifies, this film unveils the awe-inspiring power of Jesus Christ. Through compelling preaching, documented miracles, triumph over despair, and liberation from demons, ‘The Domino Revival’ captures the essence of spiritual hunger.”

According to Signorelli, “The Domino Revival” is more than a movie; it is an experience.

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