Impacting Our World: 5 Effects of True Revival

Should true revival be about the individual experiencing the revival alone? No, it should extend to the rest of the world. Remember the day of Pentecost when the disciples received the Holy Spirit? One message converted three thousand people (Acts 2:41). Soon after that, Peter preached another sermon that converted five thousand people (Acts 4:4). True revival will always have ripple effects.

5 Effects of True Revival

Revival means to return to a certain consciousness or to impart new vigor, spirit, or health. When you view revival in this manner, it becomes evident that it doesn’t just influence an individual. Revival spreads like wildfire, as we have seen in several accounts in history. What are the effects of true revival on our world today?

Peace and Reconciliation 

When revival comes, it takes away God’s wrath but doesn’t leave a vacuum. It replaces this wrath with peace and reconciliation. 

Many times in the bible, the children of Israel disobeyed God and incurred His wrath. Once revival came, it stayed a plague or brought deliverance from oppression and punishment each of those times. Revival brought peace to the land, just as it does today.

The Word says that God speaks peace to His people. This peace doesn’t just stay with the saints. It extends to everyone in that environment. We enjoy peace when we forsake our lusts and gratifying the flesh to obey God. It also helps to reconcile us back to God so that we don’t return to our folly.

Favor Upon the Land

Revival doesn’t just reconcile us with God spiritually. It has effects on our land, and one of such effects is favor. Before revival comes, there might be lack, famine, plague, etc. However, once revival comes, everything changes.

Revival comes with a favor that doesn’t just touch the people but also the location itself. As such, the people begin to enjoy certain benefits in their environment that didn’t exist before the revival. For example, the land yields better agriculturally, the climate becomes more human-friendly, and things work. When the people reconcile with God, the land is favored and yields her increase.

Holiness becomes evident

Revival brings God-consciousness, not just to the primary subject of the revival, but to everyone else around. It inputs the mind of Christ into everyone that comes in contact with the revival message. Because of this, it becomes easier to hear God’s voice and obey Him.

We seek revival so that we can become like Christ. As we are transformed, we unknowingly begin to change other people around us. They see how we act and are convicted of their unholy acts. As we mentioned above, revival spreads like wildfire. Soon, holiness becomes evident in the environment, and people become God chasers of their own accord.

Revival prepares the hearts of men to follow Christ. It then births conversion and regeneration as men become more enlightened and see Christ’s righteousness. The more we interface with this righteousness and the Word of God, the more regenerated we become. Soon, there will be no room for an unholy character in our environment, as everyone will be subject to Christ.

Church Growth

As we mentioned above, revival brings with it “God-consciousness.” The more conscious people are of God, the more they want to spend time in His presence. One place where people go to spend time in God’s presence is the church.

People want to fellowship with other believers and hear the Word of God spoken to them. As such, they’ll attend services a lot more. What this means is that the churches in an environment experiencing revival will enjoy growth. The growth wouldn’t just be numerical. It will spread into finances and other facets of the church’s existence.

Churches will also be awakened from stagnation and apathy, and church leaders will become more committed. The growth the church experiences will naturally have ripple effects on the community. For example, the crime rate will reduce, and more jobs will be created.

Healing and deliverance occur.

Finally, revival brings with it healing and deliverance. Deliverance from the shackles of sin, powers of darkness, and from ourselves. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says if we humble ourselves and pray, God will hear us and heal our land. 

The healing we will experience wouldn’t just be for physical sicknesses. It will spread to our land and everything within it. As such, the powers of darkness will be disgraced and expunged. 


There you have it for the effects of revival in our world. When you consider these effects closely, you’d see why we must pray for revival with more fervor. God needs to move in our land and revive us for Him. Check out GodKulture for more articles on revival this month.

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