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Pneuma: What it is and How it Impacts the Believer

“Pneuma” is one word that not many believers are familiar with. Those who take time to dig deep know this word and what, or whom, it stands for. But only a few Christians know exactly what it means.

This post seeks to introduce you to “pneuma” and how it impacts your life as a believer. A clearer understanding helps you to tap into the benefits of your relationship with this personality.

What is Pneuma?

                                          God wants to fill you with His Spirit

It is no secret that the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek. “Pneuma” is a Greek word that we can translate into English as “spirit,” “breath,” or “unseen force.” The Hebrew equivalent of this word is “Ruach,” primarily used in the Old Testament.

When you look closely at “pneuma,” then you realize from a further study that it doesn’t refer to just any spirit. This word refers to God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and the Third Person of the Trinity. Pneuma is the creative force behind the words that formed everything our world is. Genesis 1:2 says that “the earth was null and void and darkness covered the face of the deep.” What is more striking about this verse is that “the Spirit (pneuma) of God hovered (brooded) over the face of the deep.”

The next verse shows us that light came into that darkness, leading to the creation of everything else. Based on the definition above, we will refer to “Pneuma” as “the Holy Spirit,” “breath of God,” or “Spirit of God” later in this post.

How Pneuma Impacts the Believer

The Holy Spirit wasn’t only there in Bible times, He is here with us today. If you are a Bible student, you will agree that we are in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ told us that He was leaving so the Holy Spirit, “our Helper,” would come. The question is, “how does the Holy Spirit impact our lives as believers?”


Proverbs 4:7 tells us that “wisdom is the principal thing.” It then advises us to get wisdom, but how can we get wisdom outside the wisest being to ever exist? Paul understands this and prays a very important prayer in Ephesians 1:17. He prays for God to give us the “Spirit of wisdom and revelation.” This Spirit is Pneuma, God’s Spirit.

Jesus Christ told us that the Holy Spirit would teach us all things. Not just teach us all things but bring to our remembrance things that we forget. The wisdom we get from the Holy Spirit is not for “spiritual matters” but every aspect of life.


Every human being needs guidance. Without guidance, we will be like men groping in the dark to an unknown destination. One of the profound truths Jesus Christ spoke about the Holy Spirit was that “He will guide us into all truth.” It is this same Spirit David was talking about in his famous Psalm when he said, “He leads me beside the still waters.”

The Spirit of God guides the believer in different ways. If we are God’s children, then we must be led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14).


One of the ways we described Pneuma earlier is that it is an “unseen force.” This is precisely how the Holy Spirit operates; we don’t see Him but feel the force of His presence. Through the Spirit of God, we receive power (Acts 1:8) so that we become witnesses unto God on the earth.

An example of this is Apostle Peter. The same man who denied Jesus Christ thrice preached to thousands after infilling the Holy Spirit. If you have been struggling with generating power, you probably haven’t spent sufficient time with the Holy Spirit. He is a dispensary of God’s power to believers.


God’s Spirit is creative. Because of this, believers should be creative by default. Creativity doesn’t refer to just music, poetry, or artwork. It covers everything related to being a solution provider on earth. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit allows you to see and produce solutions to problems in your sphere of influence. What better example of this than the story of creation?


Pneuma is not just any breath or spirit but God’s breath and Spirit. The believer enjoys unprecedented advantages from having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Spend some time with Him daily and watch your life change.

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