Prayer and Creativity: 5 Ways to Revive Your Prayer Life as a Christian Creative

Is prayer important to the Christian creative? Yes, it is. How else do we connect to our God, who is the Most Creative Entity ever to exist?

Prayer is communicating with God, and it plays a significant role in improving your creativity. We must understand that God is our source, and we cannot achieve creativity outside Him. Remember in John 15:5 where Jesus Christ tells us that without Him, we can do nothing? 

If your prayer life has been suffering, let’s show you five ways to get a revival in this area. Continue reading.

5 Ways to Revive Your Prayer Life

Below are six essential steps that will help you revive your prayer life:

Know Who you are speaking with

The first step to praying right and reviving your prayer life is knowing who you are speaking with. As we mentioned above, prayer is communicating with God. How do you communicate efficiently with someone you don’t know?

When Jesus Christ was teaching us to pray, the first phrase He mentioned was “Our Father.” “Father” here means that there is some intimate relationship. God is not an abstract being that we make an effort to connect with when praying. He is our Father, and we must speak to Him as such. Developing this sort of relationship with the Father makes it easy to talk with Him unhindered.

Spend time giving thanks

An easy way to break the ice is to give thanks. King David understood the mystery behind this, and you can see it all over the book of Psalms. God, just like us, loves it when we show gratitude for what He has done.

There’s the place of giving God thanks for answered prayers and His goodness that you have experienced. However, you can take it a notch higher by thanking Him for unanswered prayers and the things that you are still expecting. The latter shows that you have unwavering faith in God’s ability to bring His Word concerning you to pass. 

Giving thanks opens up the gates into God’s presence (Psalms 100:4). Unknowingly you may have spent hours praying by taking this action.


Study the Word

One of the most effective aids to prayer is the Word of God. God’s Word contains secrets about Himself and His plans for us that help us to pray better. 

Let’s break it down like this. Imagine that you are a lawyer and don’t know the constitution. How do you state your case in court? That’s precisely how it seems when you are trying to pray without the knowledge of God’s Word. 

Prayer is not just communication. It is settling issues in the courts of heaven. You must know what God says about you to make your case. Spending time with the Word exposes you to this knowledge that makes you more comfortable in prayer.

Connect with others

If you feel like your prayer life needs reviving, consider connecting with other creatives to pray. Does this even work? Yes, it does, and there are several scriptures to back it up.

Iron sharpens iron. When you feel like you don’t spend enough time praying, start praying along with other individuals. Corporate prayers help to spark up your prayer life in more ways than you can imagine. It is far more difficult to tire out when praying in a group than when praying alone.

We mustn’t also forget the importance of agreement prayers. According to Matthew 18:19-20, when two people agree as touching anything, God answers them. Find a forum where you can share prayer requests and pick up prayer points. GodKulture offers such a forum, so you can sign up.

Choose the best posture

We all don’t enjoy staying in the same posture while we pray. Some folks prefer to kneel, others want to walk around, and others prefer sitting at a spot. Which works best for you?

Find it out and start to pray in this position more. Doing this helps you to spend more extended periods praying. Your best posture keeps you comfortable praying for long. If you like, you can also decide on altering your postures while you pray.


Prayer is a significant key to unlocking your creativity. We have shown you five ways to revive your prayer life in this post. Check out GodKulture for other articles discussing revival and creativity.

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