Seven Things You Should Know About Cultivating Communion with God

Cultivating communion with God may seem like a new concept for many people these days. Most people consider communion to be one of the ordinances in church. However, a clearer understanding of this word reveals that it should be a daily act, not an occasional ordinance.

What do you know about cultivating communion with God? Do you know what it entails? What are the benefits of having communion with God? This post will answer all these questions by showing you seven things you should know about cultivating communion with God.

What You Should Know About Cultivating Communion with God

Have you been in the dark regarding cultivating communion with God? This section will answer some of your most important questions about communion with God.

cultivating communion with God
God has always wanted us to be in communion with Him

God wanted us to have communion with Him from the beginning

Communion with God is not a new concept. In fact, from the moment God conceived the idea of creating man, He wanted to have communion with him. Immediately after breathing into man’s nostrils, God placed man in the Garden of Eden. Scripture tells us that God visited man in the cool of the day, every single day. God’s desire was to come and fellowship with man, to have unhindered access and communication with Him. Man was His representative on earth, and for man to function effectively and efficiently, God and man had to be in communion.

Sin stood in the way of communion

The devil was cast down to the earth after his rebellion in heaven. He knew that he had to break man’s communion with God if he was going to take charge of the earth. Because of this, he deceived man in the Garden of Eden. Man rebelled, just as the devil did in heaven, and had to be cast out of the garden. When this happened, communion was broken, and man lost his place. Sin stood in the way between man and God. Fellowship could no longer happen as it used to because God is too holy to behold iniquity.

Jesus Christ came to re-establish communion

The devil thought that he had won, but God had a plan. He was going to redeem man to Himself and restore the communion that was lost. How? By sending His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to bear upon Himself the sins of the world. Through this once and for all sacrifice, we would be restored to our original position. There will be therefore no more condemnation and we would have equal access to God’s throne room. Through this sacrifice, everything will go back to factory settings. Now, we can cultivate communion with God, speak to Him, and Him to us regardless of time or location. Victory assured!

Consistent communion with God transforms our minds

Despite Christ paying the price, man still had an option. You can now choose to commune with God, or do as you please. However, cultivating communion with God will transform our minds beyond what we can imagine. It will expose us to God’s perfect will such that, we wouldn’t just know it, we would have the power to carry it out. God’s original intention for man to be His representative on earth is back on track. As we spend time in His presence, we become like Him. We can now start influencing the rest of the world through His knowledge and power that resides in us.

Communion is not as difficult as you think

To date, the devil knows the power that we can wield when we have consistent communion with the Father. Because of this, he paints a picture of difficulty and tries to pull us away from God’s presence. One of his main weapons is sin. He tempts you to fall, and when you do, he makes you feel like God hates you completely. The devil amplifies your sin and makes you feel like God doesn’t want to communicate with you. However, the truth is, God hates sin, but He is completely in love with you. He loves you so much that He will come after you like the shepherd who left the ninety-nine to seek the one that was lost. Romans 8:35-39 tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Nothing!

Too many distractions

While nothing can separate us from God, we can distract ourselves and lose touch with His presence. Our world is filled with too many distractions today. From social media to trying to make ends meet. What are your major distractions? Write them down and work on creating more time to spend with God.

God wants to spend time with you

God’s love for you is beyond what you can understand through the natural human mind. It is so wide, you can’t get around it, so deep, you can reach its depths, and so high, you can’t climb over it. No words can fully describe how much God is in love with you. He wants to spend time with you, to hear you speak to Him, and to share all the secrets in His heart with you. Don’t let anything or anyone come between you and God or break this powerful relationship.


Cultivating communion with God is one of the greatest things you can do as a believer. The concept seems so simple, but it exposes you to a lot more than you can imagine. This post has shown you seven things you should know about cultivating communion with God. Share any others you know with us in the comments. Also, feel free to check out other articles about communion on GodKulture this month.

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