Why You Should Attend PurposeFest 2021

PurposeFest 2021 is a few weeks away. Anticipation is building up and we can’t wait to glean from the wisdom and experiences of the stellar cast of speakers. According to Rotimi Kehinde, the founder and Host of PurposeFest, there is no invention or breakthrough that isn’t a result of vision and purpose.

Are you wondering why you should register for and attend PurposeFest 2021? Let’s jump right in.

About PurposeFest 2021

PurposeFest is an energetic and transformative gathering of visionary, passionate, and purpose-driven leaders. If you have a passion to change your world, then you’re invited to join the league of creatives and professionals at this conference.

This year’s edition of PurposeFest is themed “Heart of Genius.”

Reasons why you should attend PurposeFest 2021

This year, PurposeFest 2021 is completely virtual. The sessions are designed to help you to discover your purpose and connect you with other purpose-driven visionaries across different industries. Here are a few reasons why you should attend PurposeFest 2021:

Re-discover Your Why

With specially curated sessions and amazing speakers, take the leap into understanding the transformative power of purpose and leadership infused with empathy. PurposeFest is 100% value and has zero fluff. Each day, dive into keynotes, group events and even sit at virtual tables or even schedule one on one meetings with our interest connecting platform.


Boost your creativity

Creativity is the tendency to come up with new ideas or recognize ideas, possibilities, and alternatives. All of this help to bring solutions to existing or future problems, communicate with others or birth some form of entertainment.

It is almost impossible to lose your creativity because it is innate. However, there are times when you just lose touch with your creativity. This could be a result of stress, over-exertion, discouragement, etc. 

One of the best ways to boost creativity is to listen to other people speak and network with other professionals. PurposeFest 2021 offers you both. It doesn’t matter if you have lost touch with your creativity or are seeking new motivation. This meeting is a great avenue to refill your creative juices and get back up and running.

The Speakers

This brings up to who you will be listening to at “Heart of Genius.” PurposeFest has been specially designed to be an immersive experience. You can ask questions, take notes, and use our digital workbooks. The speaker lineup is indeed out of this world. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Rotimi Kehinde – Founder, Purpose University and PurposeFest
  • Dan DiMaria – Mayor of Morton Grove
  • Dan Tyre – Sales Director, Hubspot
  • Kaleen Marshall – Founder, The Viaggio Group
  • Coach Rosie – Certified Counselor
  • Dr. Amara Enyia, Managing Director, Diaspora Rising
  • Dr. Benjamin Ritter – Founder, Live for Yourself Consulting
  • Dr. Christy Matusiak – Chiropractic Physician and Author of “Wellness”
  • Joseph and Jasmine Mims – Founders of Abundant Culture Fund
  • Jake White – Founder of Marketing for Speakers
  • Dana Magnus – CEO and Creative Branding and Marketing Strategist of MKTG Brand

and more! 

You can learn more about each speaker here

Networking with other professionals

You wouldn’t just be meeting with the speakers at PurposeFest 2021. This gathering will bring together professionals from around the globe. With the virtual platform, you can share ideas, experiences, attend break-out sessions and visit virtual sponsor booths. 

Asides from boosting your creativity, networking with creatives and professionals help to:

  • Get updates on the most recent trends.
  • Meet up with people that you may never connect with otherwise.
  • Publicize your business.
  • Strike new partnerships.

Oh, and there’s more!

Free digital resources

Have you been in search of resources that will help you get better at what you do? Attending PurposeFest this year is a great opportunity to access amazing free digital resources. These resources will help to increase your leadership capacity and stretch your imagination. This is a great opportunity that you cannot pass off.

Wrapping Up

PurposeFest 2021 promises to boost your life in ways that you haven’t imagined. Each speaker comes with a different inspiring story that will touch your heart. Click here to register.

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