5 reasons why people never discover purpose

Soren Kierkegaard once said that choosing to be another rather than yourself is the greatest form of despair. While many people seek to discover purpose, not many achieve this goal. The question that begs an answer is, “why do some people never discover their life purpose?” 

There is a temptation to consider purpose as a great career, being wealthy, holding power, or social mobility. Wrong, it is none of these. In this post, we will discuss 5 reasons why people never discover purpose.


Why People Never Discover Purpose

It isn’t uncommon to find people seeking purpose in what others are doing. We tend to compare ourselves to other Christian professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. Social media has even made it worse because you see the attractive lives of others and get attracted. However, we are all unique and can’t find purpose in what everyone else is doing. Here are a few reasons why some people never discover purpose.

They think purpose discovery is difficult

If you have always thought that discovering purpose is difficult, it could be the reason why you haven’t discovered yours. Some folks have a belief system that limits them to thinking that discovering purpose is for a “select few.” 

Here’s why you shouldn’t think like this, “our thoughts are very powerful.” If you conclude that you won’t discover purpose, then you won’t discover it. Your thought pattern programs your mind and everything that you do. To get yourself out of this trap, you must first “free your mind.”

Below are a few questions that you can ask yourself in solitude to help you out:

  • Do I have an open mind to purpose discovery and living out my purpose?
  • Am I ready to think outside the box?
  • Will I be ready to pursue purpose even if it is in a field that I haven’t considered before now?

Not defining what is right

Many times, we tend to do things just because we feel we are supposed to. Taking this action is very common, especially among young people. You probably have done a few things just because you felt “you were supposed to.”

When we were younger, seeking guidance and support from others was necessary so that we could make the right decisions. However, we can’t continue to live based on what others tell us or make us believe is right. There is no one-size-fits-all purpose. We must find our path and walk in it.

Instead of doing what is right for you by other people’s standards, figure out what is right by your standards. Doing this doesn’t mean that you won’t seek other people’s counsel. However, you must first set the foundation for what is right for you. Only then can you know the right person to ask for counsel and what counsel suits you.

Seeking a career instead of a purpose

From a young age, we were taught that we must work to meet our basic needs as humans. Even our religious books tell us the importance of work and how poverty comes from laziness. But then, shouldn’t we first seek purpose before a career? 

It is funny how society has changed the narrative. Now, you need to tick certain boxes before you can be seen as successful. A few of these boxes include graduating college, having a partner and kids, settling into a defined career, etc.

While all of these are great, we tend to live in conformity because of the standards. However, discovering purpose requires us to look inwards not outwards. So it is not about the ministry resources you read or your online Christian community. Purpose discovery is a personal journey that leads us to choose a career path, not the other way around.


Lack of confidence

Have you ever felt like there is nothing positive that you can offer the world? This is a huge lie and sabotages everything valuable that you can ever produce. It is no secret that we are our worst critics and that’s not bad. But if you are finding it difficult to believe in yourself, ask others what they think about you.

Your mindset has a lot to do with whether or not you will discover purpose. No one on the surface of the earth has your exact purpose. You are unique so there is a specific responsibility on the earth for you. Start to see yourself as a star, a hero, someone with great abilities. Self-reflection will help you to boost your confidence a lot.

Wrong priorities

If you never make it a priority to find purpose, then you won’t find it. It is the same with every other thing in our lives. If you aren’t looking, you most likely wouldn’t find anything. Even if you find it, you may not recognize it or know its value.

The keyword here is “action.” Put in the effort to find your purpose. What this means is that you have to take time out to find out your passion and gifts. Look out for what comes naturally to you. Be open to self-discovery and self-improvement. The more effort you put in, the more likely you are to discover purpose.


Not discovering purpose is tragic. We have shown you a few reasons why people don’t discover purpose and how to solve the problem. You can check out GodKulture for other articles that will help you discover purpose.

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