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Evolving from Ordinary to Exceptional: How Purpose Inspires Creativity

Creativity is a part of our lives even though most of us don’t know it. Living is beyond enjoying the good things of life. Each of us was created to fulfill a specific task, meet a particular need, and solve definite problems. Believe it or not, you were not created without a purpose. 

Creativity is another aspect of life many people overlook. Most of us don’t believe that we are creative. Even those who know they have creative abilities suffer dry periods when their creativity is lacking. It shouldn’t be so. We were created in God’s image and likeness, so we all have His creative abilities. 

How do you reconcile purpose and creativity? What do you do to inspire creativity in your downtime? Continue reading to find out.

Defining Purpose

Pinning purpose to a single definition is impossible. Different schools of thought have their perspectives regarding this subject. Several people have tried to explain purpose for so many centuries, but it all leads us to one question, “Why are you here?”

Purpose keeps you going when the chips are down

Many people find it difficult to answer this question, and some may never answer it until they leave this earth. However, getting clarity with respect to this question launches you into a different dimension. Purpose is unique to each individual and states the reason for your existence. No two people can have the same purpose statements; they could only be similar.

While each person has a particular set of talents, they are only a means to an end. That end is “purpose,” and these talents were given to bring you to fulfillment. A school of thought refers to purpose as what you find joy doing. Another sees it as finding meaning in the work you do.

Why You Should Find Purpose

You must have heard people talk about finding purpose and its importance over the years. While it may seem like an exciting luxury for some, finding your purpose is essential to making an impact. You cannot make a meaningful impact on your environment and the people around you without finding purpose.

Interestingly, it goes beyond impacting other lives to improving your value of yours. For example, studies show that leading an impactful life improves mental and physical health. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction from being a positive force in society. 

The question that many people ask is, “How do you find purpose?” Here are a few pointers:

  • Seek God’s face.
  • Have a growth mindset.
  • Write a personal purpose statement.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Be ready to give back.
  • Explore your passions.
  • Join a community of purpose-driven individuals like GodKulture.
  • Focus on self-care and self-love.

How Purpose Inspires Creativity

Creativity is another subject that people have tried to explain for centuries. Many think they understand this word until you ask them to define it. Just like purpose, wrapping one’s head around the idea of creativity is quite tricky.

In simple terms, creativity is developing original or new methods, objects, or ideas by transcending traditional acting or thinking methods. Creativity is an ability that is innate in every human being, but like purpose, you never discover it without seeking it. When you view creativity in this light, you will see that it goes beyond being artistic to every facet of our lives.

At certain times, you’ll experience a drought of creative juices. Nothing seems to work. You feel like you have lost all your creative abilities. You need inspiration at this point, but the question is, “from where?” 

Purpose always helps to inspire creativity. This is because it sharpens your focus and makes you feel a sense of responsibility. It tells you that God and the rest of the world depend on you to release your creative juices. Beyond this, purpose acts as a catalyst for creativity. The more you spend time brooding over your purpose, the more your mind becomes open to new ideas. These ideas are the foundation for the new objects, inventions, or methods that you will produce. If you have been experiencing a creative drought, you must revisit your purpose statement, and your creativity will return.


You no longer have to suffer a creative drought. Purpose will inspire you, but you must first find it. Seek purpose today, and it will inspire you to become more creative. Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic in the comments section below.

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