6 Business Ideas for Young Christian Entrepreneurs

Engaging in business is part of kingdom culture. God is an astute businessman, and there are several passages in the bible that talk about business. So, if you have been thinking about starting a new business as a Christian professional, you are on the right path.

Are there any business ideas that young Christian entrepreneurs can engage in? Yes, there are so many faith-based business ideas that you can try out. In this post, we will show you six fantastic business ideas that you can consider.

Business ideas for young Christian Entrepreneurs

The business environment is quite unpredictable because new ideas keep springing up each day. However, there are certain ideas that a young Christian entrepreneur can engage in to make a profit. Check out some of them below:

Christian bookstore

Christians like to read, so starting a bookstore where you sell ministry resources and Christian materials is very profitable. Despite many people opting for e-materials today, there is still a huge market for print. All you need to do is stock up your shop with the right resources and do proper publicity.

Worried that your sales might be poor because e-books are becoming more mainstream? You shouldn’t because most people that like to study still prefer to read hard copies. Nothing can replace the feeling of flipping pages while lying curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea on the side.

To follow the trend and be more dynamic, you can run an online Christian bookstore. With this, you can sell both traditional hard copies and e-books. You can make a lot of money and still help people grow spiritually.

Online tutor

Have you got any skills that you think you can pass on to other people? Whether you are good at mathematics, music, or coding, people are willing to pay for knowledge. So if you are proficient in any skill and can impart knowledge, you can become an online tutor.

It’s basically teaching people your skill over the internet. The beauty of this business is that you can do it from anywhere, including your bedroom. Create a profile on one of the tutoring websites, and you will have students reaching out to you in no time. 

What else do you need to run this business? A good laptop, a quality camera, a clear microphone, internet connection, and your skills. You can connect with your students via FaceTime or Skype. Online tutors make between $12 and $35, depending on the complexity of the course and the platform they use.

Write e-books

As we mentioned earlier, knowledge always sells. Authorship doesn’t sell so much but it is still a decent way to make money. The kind of books you write will determine how much money you will make. 

You can write books on just about anything. From Christian stories to books about skills that you possess and different aspects of ministry. Instead of sticking to the traditional hard copies, you can convert your books into e-books. E-books are cheaper to produce and easier to sell. People are more inclined towards reading ministry resources on their phones because they can access them everywhere they go.

Before you start this business, ensure that you understand the perks of publishing a book. You may decide to self-publish or sign a contract with a publishing firm. Whatever you do, ensure that you protect your intellectual property.

Start a blog

There are so many Christian blogs out there today. An example is GodKulture where you get to read Christian-based articles for creative individuals. A blog is a website that you update regularly. It is a great way to make money if you like to write and curate information.

There are so many ways to make money from your blog. From running adverts to affiliate marketing, Google AdSense to selling your books and courses. The opportunities are endless.

Here’s the thing about running a blog. The more traffic that you can generate, the more money you will be making. There are a few things that you must understand about blogging. First, it isn’t a “get-rich-quick scheme.” Second, you must be consistent so you need a proper schedule. By the way, blogging is a great way to start an online Christian community to share God’s word.

Graphic design

This business is quite competitive but very lucrative at the same time. Many churches and Christian professionals need graphic design services for their events and businesses. Such designs are used for publicity on several digital platforms as well as print.

If you are proficient in graphic design, you can take advantage of this opportunity. To excel in this business, you need to create a portfolio online. You can sign up for freelance design websites, create a profile, and put up some of your work. Soon, prospective clients will contact you and you’d be making a decent amount of money per task.

Website development

It is no secret that everyone is going digital these days including churches, ministries, and Christian professionals. If you know how to build websites, you can take advantage of this demand to make good money.

What you will be doing is building websites from scratch, editing them, and maintaining them. To thrive in this business, you must learn to market your business. You can take advantage of social media and other digital marketing platforms to do this.

Wrapping Up

You will notice that businesses we mentioned in this post can all be run from home and require very little capital. There are so many business ideas that you can engage in as a young Christian entrepreneur. You can check out GodKulture for other articles to help you grow as a Christian creative.

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