6 Best faith-based startup ideas for female entrepreneurs

A faith-based business idea is one that is connected to one’s religion or beliefs. Since this article is directed at Christian professionals, then the faith we are talking about is Christianity. 

There are so many women today who want to be or are already entrepreneurs. Are you a woman and are aspiring to become an entrepreneur but are short on faith-based business ideas? This post should help you out since we will be discussing 6 faith-based startup ideas for female entrepreneurs.

Best faith-based startup ideas for female entrepreneurs

A faith-based startup idea shouldn’t make you veer off your beliefs or severe your relationship with God. Instead, it must help you to transact in line with “kingdom culture.” The fact that the business idea is faith-based doesn’t mean that you must focus on just Christian items. 

There are tons of faith-based startup ideas that female entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Here are our top six:

Christian bookstore

Are you a lover of books and study resources? Then you can start a Christian bookstore. Here, you can sell different versions of the Bible along with other religious resource materials. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just Christian resources, you can also sell inspirational resources.

Do you know that there is a very huge market for Christian, inspirational, and ministry resources? Although most people like to study electronically these days, many people still prefer hard copies. Take some time out to figure out your target audience and their needs. Now, raise funds and stock your bookstore with the appropriate resources.

Asides from books, you can also sell MP3s, CDs, and DVDs. Even if you don’t have enough to start a physical store, you can run it electronically. Check for ways to get e-books that your audience wants to read and upload them to your website. You could make a lot of money from doing this.


Do you have eyes for detail? Are you always catching errors when you pick up a piece to read? Do grammatical errors irritate you? Then you might make some good money as a proofreader.

Just so you know, many companies are looking for proofreaders all around the globe. One of the benefits of starting this business is that you don’t need so much capital. All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet. 

Another benefit of being a proofreader is that you don’t have to leave your home to work. You can proofread documents from the comfort of your living room couch. Proofreading is also a business that you can run part-time or as a side hustle. You don’t have to proofread just Christian articles, you can work on all kinds of articles. Just ensure that they don’t take you off your relationship with God.


Freelancing is one of the best faith-based startup ideas for female entrepreneurs. There are so many freelancing opportunities for Christian professionals these days. Making a choice depends on the skills that you possess. Here are a few skills that make you a prime candidate for freelancing:

  • Social media
  • Customer service
  • Pinterest
  • Virtual assistant
  • Copywriting
  • Design tech
  • Web design
  • Coding

Let’s share a brief secret with you. If you have skills in any of these areas, begin to brush them up as much as you can. Once you feel proficient enough, sign up to any of the popular freelancing platforms. Some of them include Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc. You can also check out job boards to see job ads targeted at freelancers.

As a freelancer, you enjoy the freedom of time flexibility. You can also work from home or any preferred location. More than anything else, you enjoy the freedom of working with several clients simultaneously.

Start a daycare

Are you a lover of kids? Do you find it easy to watch over people’s kids? Do you have the gift of imparting knowledge to toddlers?

If you tick all these boxes, then maybe you should consider starting a daycare. This business comes with great rewards even though it is quite sensitive. You need to find out the requirements that you must satisfy to run a daycare in your locality. Also, you need to find space where you can run your daycare.

Ensure that your space satisfies the requirements for a daycare. Also, work on developing a curriculum for the kids in your care. Invest in resources for Christian children so that you will also help the kids in your care to grow in faith.


Do you like to take photographs? You can convert it into a business and make a good profit. There are so many Christian professionals towing this line. You can do the same as a female entrepreneur.

To begin with, you need to purchase professional photography gear. This includes a good camera, tripod stand, different kinds of lights. You also need to get a laptop and take Photoshop classes. 

This business works hand-in-hand with social media, especially Instagram. Create a professional social media page where you can post pictures that you take. This acts as your portfolio and helps you to attract more clients. Finally, run a survey of other photography businesses in your environment. Find out their prices and the kinds of services they offer. Improve on these so that you can knock off the competition.


Interior decoration

Are very creative with decorating rooms and homes? You can make a fortune by becoming an interior decorator. 

To start this business, you should invest in starting a business website. You can post high-quality photos of your work. A good place to begin your trade is your home and the homes of friends and family members. Create a portfolio from the photos that you take and put them up on your website and social media channels. Now, you can start to publicize your business and charge clients.


That’s it for our 6 best startup ideas for female entrepreneurs. Which one appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, take advantage of the articles on GodKulture to become a better Christian creative.

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