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‘A Sweet Move of God’: Filmmaker Alex Kendrick Sees Power of Revival Firsthand at Lee University

Alex Kendrick and his brother are famous for making and acting in faith-based movies. Some of their most popular works include Courageous, Overcomer, Fireproof, and War Room. Alex experienced God’s power at the revival breakout at Lee University and describes it as a sweet move of God. Continue reading this post to learn about his experience.

Alex Kendrick Describes Lee University Revival as “a Sweet Move of God”

The faith-based actor and filmmaker is also renowned for delivering powerful addresses and writing faith books. Recently, Alex Kendrick experienced God’s power during a revival breakout and has begun speaking about it.

He recently paid a visit to Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee. This is one of the Christian universities that have experienced the ripple effects of the Asbury University revival. Kendrick was part of a meeting that had faculty members, students, and other members of the community while at the campus.

According to Alex, “I noticed no one was orchestrating anything. “No one was upfront with any agenda. You had a variety of people sharing quick testimonies, reading Scripture from various points in the room. Someone would stand up and start reading a Psalm or a passage from one of the Gospels, and everyone would agree.”

The Kendrick Brothers (Source: CBN News)

He said that someone would randomly start singing a worship or praise song, or even a hymn, and everyone else would follow the cue. Kendrick, who has three of his children as students at the university, stayed with his family at the chapel for close to two hours. He said that he enjoyed every moment and it was just a “sweet move of God.”

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