‘A Ripple Effect from Asbury’: Secular Universities Now Seeing Revival Gatherings on their Campuses

The Asbury University revival services might be over, but their effects are indelible. Several Christian and secular institutions are beginning to experience a ripple effect from the revival. Students in universities and secondary schools are beginning to gather for worship meetings. Continue reading to learn about the ripple effect of Asbury.

Asbury University Revival Effects Spreading Like Wild Fire

February 8, 2023, marked the beginning of an unprecedented revival movement at Asbury University. It is almost a month after, and students of Christian and secular institutions are gathering to hold worship meetings. Reports have it that students have been holding worship services at the Western Kentucky University of Bowling Green. One of these services that was held recently had several hundred people in attendance.

Asbury University
The revival has swept outside of the Asbury University campus to other institutions

WKU’s Baptist Campus Ministry’s minister, Tommy Johnson, said that these meetings were directly linked to the Asbury revival. According to Johnson, “We have seen a ripple effect from Asbury on the WKU campus. Several students from WKU attended services at Asbury. After returning from Asbury, several of them gathered for prayer and worship at the chapel on WKU’s campus and invited other students to join that night.”

Johnson later added that they had planned a service for February 23 on the National Collegiate Day of Prayer. He said, “We have long been praying for and continue to pray for revival on our campus, and we discussed how revival is measured not merely by how many students gather or how long they stay at an event but by the result of life change.”

A part-time professor at the university, Thomas W. Weakley, had also traveled to Asbury to experience the revival and stayed there for several hours. He said, “It was very worshipful, musical, orderly, respectful, hopeful, prayerful, and God-honoring and glorifying.”

Pastor Aaron Fry of Sozo Church located in Columbus, Ohio, said he had also attended the Asbury revival with his wife. According to him, “There were people in the room that have been praying for revival on campus for at least 15 years. My wife and I went to support and pray alongside these students. I believe that those who are blazing the trail at OSU are more qualified in these moments to speak into this.

Several other pockets of the revival fire have been experienced on different campuses around the US. Many of these meetings have been started by individuals that attended the Asbury University revival. 

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