Actor Who Plays the Villain in ‘The Chosen’ Says Series Has Changed His Life

According to The Christian Post, Brandon Potter, the actor who plays Quintus, an antagonistic Roman guard in the hit series “The Chosen,” has revealed how working on the show has transformed him. “The Chosen” is a crowd-funded series that depicts the life of Jesus and his disciples. It is produced by Angel Studios and has become one of the most-watched shows in the world.

“The Chosen” Series Actor Speaking on How His Role Changed His Life

Potter, who has been in Hollywood since the early ‘90s, said he’s grateful for the work environment on the set of the show. He said, “A show this big with this many moving parts can sometimes feel anonymous. You feel like a mercenary, just kind of a gun for hire. You show up and do your job and leave. And that’s not the way that this show is.” Potter went on to say, “There’s like a big WhatsApp thread with all the actors and we talk and share news and we follow each other on Instagram — the cast and crew too. Everybody hangs out and knows each other.”

Brandon Potter Plays “Quintus” in The Chosen

The seasoned actor described his “Chosen” castmates and crew as “exactly” like a family. “Working on the show has changed my life,” Potter added.

He also shared his favorite scene from season two, where he got to interact with Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus. “It’s just the two of us sitting and talking,” Potter recalled. “The reason why I love that scene is, first of all, because of the writing. You never get a scene in television where it’s just two people talking for something like six or seven minutes. That never happens. There’s no dialogue that long in any kind of show. Usually, it cuts away, or there’s an action sequence or cut to a commercial. So I was excited to do this scene just for that because it felt sort of like a play.”

The Chosen is in its fourth season. Speaking about the current season, Potter said, “A lot happens in season four.” “Fans of the show can watch it on The Chosen app or on various streaming platforms. Click here to see the trailer.

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