Digital Evangelism: 7 Ways to use Technology for Evangelism

Digital evangelism is becoming more popular as more churches and ministries embrace technology. However, the whole process can be quite tricky, especially for small churches, and those that haven’t gotten a clear understanding of the concept.

Choosing the right digital evangelism methods can help your church achieve amazing results. In this post, we will show you seven ways to use technology for evangelism. Let’s dive in.

Explaining Digital Evangelism

A good place to begin this discussion is to explain digital evangelism in simple terms. It is the use of digital media such as videos, social media, email, websites, and apps to share the good news. This form of evangelism makes use of technology to reach the unsaved.

We cannot deny that the smartphone is a formidable tool for publicity and engagement. If properly harnessed, it can become very effective for evangelism. The relationship between smartphones and the internet is key to the success of digital evangelism.

Ways to Use Technology for Evangelism

Evangelism is one of our key responsibilities as Christians, churches, and ministries. Here are seven ways you can use technology for evangelism.

Start a podcast

Podcasting is one way you can reach the world digitally

Do you know how many people love to listen to podcasts these days? Many people would like to listen to something faith-based or inspirational while taking a walk, running, or driving to and from work.

Figures show that about 90 million individuals listen to podcasts monthly. This number is on the rise and you can make several hear Christ’s salvation message through your blog. Choose an attractive name and share your podcasts via your social media channels to increase traction.

Run an active social media account

We cannot discuss digital evangelism without mentioning social media. Many people spend several hours a day on different social media platforms. This means that it is one of the best ways to connect to the people in your community, church, and outside your environment.

You can use social media to share sermon snippets from your church service. Also, you can use it to share short quotes, prayers, and so on with your followers.

Set up a YouTube channel

YouTube is the biggest video search engine online. More than 30 million individuals visit this platform every day. 

You can get creative and use YouTube to provide content to a wide array of subscribers. Shoot great videos and ensure that your sound is top-notch as well. 

Write a blog

Blogging is easily one of the best digital evangelism strategies you can consider, especially if you are a good writer. The secret here is that most people prefer to turn to Google to find solutions to their problems. You can set up a blog that answers their questions about the Kingdom.

When writing your blog, ensure that you search for and properly utilize keywords. Also, endeavor to employ other key search engine optimization techniques. Doing this ensures that your blog ranks high on search engines and you can attract the attention you seek.

Go Live

Since the pandemic, many churches have used Facebook Live as a means to stream services. Do you know that you can do a lot more with this platform?

You can use Facebook Live as a means of engaging your target audience. Choose key Kingdom-based topics and discuss them on this platform. You can create fliers to promote your live sessions a few days ahead. Doing this helps you to build anticipation in the minds of your target audience.

Send emails

Many people think emails are becoming outdated. In reality, this is one of the most effective ways to reach people these days. You need to have an email to own a smartphone and access most apps on it. Because of this, you can bet that most people around you have emails.

You can reach out to these people with the good news by sharing weekly or monthly email newsletters. Ensure that your emails are not too lengthy and are well-designed. There are several ways to gather emails. Consider your target audience and use the lead magnets that will appeal to them the most.

A responsive website

More people visit websites via mobile devices. You can take advantage of this by building a responsive website where you share God’s Word and faith-based resources.

If your website is responsive, it raises the chances of people staying on your website. This is because the website will fit the smaller screens of their mobile devices, instead of just PCs. It also makes your website look more professional and user-friendly.


Digital evangelism is not so difficult. This post has shown you seven ways to use technology to evangelize God’s Word. Do you have any other methods? Kindly share them with us in the comments section. Feel free to read other posts on GodKulture to help you use technology to fulfill your purpose.

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