Time Management: 5 Important Time Management Apps for Christian Creatives

It is impossible to add a second to the twenty-four hours we have in a day. The only thing that we can do is become more organized with our time. Time management is the process of planning and organizing your time.

There is a notion among creative individuals that procrastination and disorganization are part of the creative process. However, time management becomes critical when you consider how many tasks you must juggle. The good news is that you don’t have to handle the process manually anymore with the invention of time management apps.


Essential Time Management Apps for Christian Creatives 

Working in the creative industry requires lots of work and an occasional lack of inspiration. While time management tips help improve your time management ability, time management apps help achieve your goals. 


Are you worried that you aren’t using your time in the best way possible? RescueTime can help you fix this issue. It sends you weekly reports so that you can track what steals your time the most. Asides from the app’s automatic time-tracking, it also possesses robust reporting and distraction-blocking tools.

This app ensures that too many tasks don’t overwhelm you. RescueTime also presents its users with team software. This software helps to ensure efficient time management among the team members. After tracking your time with this app, you’d be surprised at the amount of time you waste daily. It works on Desktop, Android, and iOS.

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper was designed based on the Pomodoro Technique. The designer created the app to help individuals who procrastinate and those with so many overwhelming tasks. Focus Keeper has an efficient yet simple user interface. It allows you to customize the interface easily to suit your purposes.

The app enhances your focus and helps get rid of the anxiety that comes with time pressures. Focus Keeper is perfect for a creative that doesn’t want them or their team to burn out. It is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.


Being effective with time management begins with clarity on the amount of time you spend on each project. As such, you must track the duration of each project to ensure that you manage them with more efficiency. Toggl helps you to achieve this with an exceptionally user-friendly interface.

The app comes with top-notch time-saving features that integrate with its fantastic interface. Toggl is the perfect alternative to time-sheets, so you can use it to track the duration of different projects. Like the apps above, Toggl is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS.


Are you finding it challenging to manage your daily tasks, organize your goals, and deal with to-do lists? MyLifeOrganized is the perfect companion for a creative in your shoes. It is a task and time management tool that helps you focus your efforts on a specific task. This result is that you have undivided attention in fulfilling specific goals, thus improving your time management.

MyLifeOrganized comes to your rescue if you have ever had issues focusing on specific tasks. The app will generate to-do lists for you automatically. It takes it a notch higher by setting priority actions for immediate action to allow you methodically track your progress. You can use MyLifeOrganized on Desktop, Android, and iOS.


This app is the final one on our list but is by no means the least. It is one of the unique time management apps out there, and it helps you manage your time most unusually. Forest keeps you on track with your time management goals by shifting your focus to something else. Strange, right?

Forest makes use of a straightforward concept. Anytime you need to focus, the app requires you to plant a tree virtually. Staying focused keeps the tree alive and growing while losing focus kills the tree. The good thing about Forest is that you can grow several trees simultaneously to create a “time-focused” virtual forest. Forest works on Desktop, Android, and iOS, just like the other apps on our list.


Benefits of Efficient Time Management to a Christian Creative

No matter how creative you are, you’d end up wasting your gift without proper time management. We have shown you five top time management apps that you can use. This section will show you a few benefits of improving your time management. 

  • Improves your focus so that you can achieve more in a shorter period.
  • Allows you to organize big projects with more ease.
  • Improves the overall quality of your life.
  • Gives you access to more opportunities for career growth and recreation.
  • Improves your efficiency and work quality.


Time management apps help the creative to get better at managing their time. We have shown you some of the best time management apps in the world today in this post. In the final section, we enumerated a few benefits of time management efficiency. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to check GodKulture for exciting articles on improving your creativity.

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