Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Announces “A Little Miracle Is In Motion”

Sadie Robertson Huff of Duck Dynasty has announced that she and her husband are expecting an exciting miracle. Huff, who is also a motivational speaker, announced that she, along with her husband, Christian Huff, have their second child on the way. According to the star, their baby is due to arrive sometime in May 2023.

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Announcement

On November 3rd, Sadie Robertson Huff announced that “another little miracle is in motion” via her Instagram account. This post included a picture of the couple’s first daughter, Honey, who was born in May 2021.

Her fans and friends were all thrilled at the news and dropped several exciting comments. Craig Groeschel commented, “Oh come on! Let’s celebrate and give God some praise!” Jennie Allen also dropped a comment saying, “So so happy for this little life!! Raising the next generation of little world changers!

Huffs Struggle with Postpartum Depression

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson (Source: CBN News)

Before this announcement, Sadie Robertson Huff had shared some details about her traumatic birth experience. She had also disclosed that she has experienced postpartum depression after birthing her daughter, Honey. Huff disclosed this information via her podcast “WOAH That’s Good.”

She said, “I came to this point with my story where I was like, I can live in fear, yeah. I can sit here and say what if, and what could’ve and what should’ve happened, or I can live like a miracle happened.’ I can’t explain why I’m okay and why she’s okay, but we both are and I just need to have gratitude and thank God.”

The Huffs are deeply rooted in their Christian faith. Their values have helped them navigate the different challenges they have experienced as a couple including the traumatic birth experience. It has also been the basis for raising their daughter.

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