Encouraging Creativity: 5 Factors that Encourage Creativity

If you are one of those people that think not everyone can be creative, you are not alone. Many people consider just a few selections of humans to be creative. This notion is wrong.

We all have the innate ability to be creative; it is part of our makeup. According to Keith Sawyer, you only need to take specific steps to encourage creativity. When you consider creativity in this light, it means that you can switch it on like a light switch. This fact brings us to an important question, “How do you encourage creativity?”

Factors that Encourage Creativity

We are all creative, whether we are Christian professionals, artists, lecturers, or business owners. If we can figure out the factors that encourage our creativity, then we can switch it on. In this section, we will discuss a few of these factors.


Creativity has become an essential aspect of life and business. It is not only the musician, poet, or marketing executive that needs to be creative. Creativity helps us to achieve a lot more in our daily lives. What happens when a lot of activities and information bombard you? You lose focus.

Focus is one of the critical factors that influence creativity. How? When you can tap into that whitespace, you can push your mind to become proactive. Focusing more on an idea helps you to see it from different angles. By so doing, you discover better ways to solve the problem and proffer solutions. There are a few things that you can do to improve your focus:

  • Get some “alone time” every day.
  • Switch to “airplane” mode every once in a while.
  • Take out time to meditate.
  • Exercise and activity are proven to help humans focus better.


Creativity fosters problem-solving, promotes teamwork, improves leadership, and encourages innovation. According to Jack London, we don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration; we must chase after it. Thankfully, we have several tools that help us to think better and encourage creativity. 

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to encourage artistic or technical creativity; here are some tools to help: 

  • Mindtools. Mindtools is a platform that provides access to several resources for personal and professional development. This platform was established 25 years ago and is still staying strong in its mission. Some of the resources you can access on Mindtools included videos, podcasts, articles, and workbooks amongst others.
  • Brainplots. Another way to organize your thoughts into creative ideas is by brainstorming. Brainplots is a tool that encourages view ideas from different angles. It also allows you to gather feedback from others.
  • PaintNite. If you are looking for ways to activate your internal artist, PaintNite is the perfect tool. This tool doesn’t just boost your painting skills; it activates other parts of your mind to boost overall creativity.


Do you know that the people that you have around influence your creativity levels? If you want to be creative in a specific area, you should be around creative people in that area. When you do this, there is a diffusion of creative ideas that help you gather your thoughts quickly.

You might not have people together in the same room. However, you can read their materials, listen to their resources, or come in contact with their work. You can also attend industry seminars or reach out to other creative individuals in your sector. An excellent place to find materials that spur creativity is GodKulture.

Another to view the influence of people on your creativity is the number of people you have around. Some individuals are more creative when they have 20 people or more in the same space. On the other hand, others prefer to have just one person around. Find out which side of the divide you fall on and use it to your advantage.


Human beings don’t spend so much time concentrating these days as we used to several centuries ago. This problem could be the reason why we don’t seem as creative as the people before us. People can barely concentrate for 20 minutes without distraction.

For you to conceive and develop an idea, you must spend time brooding over it undisturbed. If you are going to do this, you need to cut off every possible distraction. Spend time filtering out any unnecessary stimuli. You should invest in a creative space for yourself. Here, you can spend time brooding on ideas without distractions. As much as possible, stay away from your mobile phone when doing this.


The final factor on our list is “action.” If you are going to encourage creativity, you must make a conscious effort. Every other factor on our list hinges on this factor. If you don’t take action, you can’t focus, utilize tools, reach out to people, or spend time. Push yourself out of your comfort zone so that you can spur the creativity that you desire.


Which of these factors have you employed already to encourage creativity? Please share with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, check out GodKulture for resources that will help to boost your creativity.

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