Representing God: How to Become a Change Agent in Society

God didn’t send Jesus Christ to come and save us so that we would go to heaven. If that were the case, we would have died immediately after surrendering our lives to Christ. There is more to God’s plan, according to Ephesians 2:10. He created us to fulfill specific good works that He had predesigned before the earth was even formed.

In a nutshell, God planned for us to become change agents representing Him in society. Wow, isn’t this such a huge responsibility? How does God expect us to represent Him in different spheres of influence? You will realize that it isn’t so difficult when you understand the assignment. This post will show you how to become a change agent representing God in society.


How to Become a Change Agent in Society

Before we even discuss how to become a change agent, we need to answer the question, “Who is a change agent?” Several schools of thought have provided us with various definitions for this phrase. One of them defines a change agent as an individual or group that initiates change and manages it.

Another school of thought explains this phrase as a person that promotes change and enables it to happen within an organization or group. Such individuals can be part of the group, internal change agents, or outside the group, external change agents.

God called us to be internal and external change agents. Remember when Jesus Christ said we are in this world, but we are not part of it? The idea is that we might be in the world because it is our current abode, but we aren’t part of it because we are different. He went on to say that we should be witnesses unto Him to spread His gospel to the ends of the earth. Spreading the gospel isn’t only by preaching but in action and influence.

There are a few ways to become change agents representing God in society. Here are a few of them:

Consider yourself a solution provider

In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus Christ refers to Christians and light and salt before inviting us to make our light shine. Both elements are solution providers, one eliminating darkness and the other improving food taste.

God created us to help Him solve problems in society. We weren’t designed to meet His target of filling the earth with humans. Because of this, He has given each person special abilities we refer to as “talents.” 

The moment you see yourself as a solution provider, you quickly identify your talents and the problems they will solve. God has given us the Holy Spirit to empower us and leads us to become just like Him. We aren’t just like God in our image; we also carry His likeness, the ability to solve problems.

Stop underestimating yourself

We often don’t get to do what God has called us to do because we underestimate ourselves. You don’t believe that you carry and can wield as much power as you received from the Holy Spirit. His power was not designed for a specific set of people. To as many as received Him, He gave the capacity to be called sons of God.

God blessed you with talents and skills for a reason, and it is high time you stopped downplaying them. Please open your eyes to your abilities and seek opportunities to use them. Don’t get intimidated by situations around you. You’ve got what it takes to fix every problem you come across. All it takes is believing that you can and making an effort.

Go through the preparation

You shouldn’t face an assignment without adequate preparation. Remember the quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” Exactly, if you dive into a project without proper preparation, you have set yourself up for failure. 

God designed us for different assignments, and we must put ourselves through the preparation specific to our assignments. The good news is that He doesn’t leave you by yourself trying to figure it all out. God provides the best training possible, even though it is never easy. However, he accompanies His training with sufficient grace to complete it.

Yield yourself to the preparation process and allow God to work in you. After He works in you, He can begin to work through you. When God called us change agents, He didn’t mean that we were ready for the work immediately. David spent thirteen years preparing for the throne after Samuel anointed him. 

Step away from the noise today and ask God to lead you through the preparation stage. Pray, study the Word, and worship Him daily. Strengthen your relationship with the Holy Spirit and be ready to obey His every bidding.

Be ready to start small

No tree germinates into a tree a day after it was planted. It takes several years for a tree to grow to maturity. No matter how graced and anointed you are, God is not going to place you on the biggest stage immediately. You have to pass through a process called “growth.”

Growth is part of life and existence. As you go through the preparation stage, you grow yourself and improve your abilities. You will likely make indelible mistakes if you jump on the big stage without growing into it. Such errors can finish your career as a change agent before starting. 

Don’t be afraid to start small. Appreciate when you have to make appearances in small gatherings or reach out to unexpected locations. Consider all of this a necessary part of your growth into the change agent you were called to be.

Where Should we Influence as Change Agents?

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” Those are the lyrics to a song most of us sang as kids. We all have little lights, and if we let them shine, they’ll light up our world for God. Where has God called us to influence as change agents? Here are a few examples:


The smallest and most important unit of society is the family. According to Myles Munroe, we have a lot of decadence in society today because the family has failed in its responsibility. Whatever your role is in the family, you must strive to be the best at it. This means that you must invest in yourself to be the best father, mother, wife, husband, sibling, or child you can be. Provide support to families around you where and when necessary.


It is not uncommon for Christians to shy away from politics and government positions. The Kingdom we represent is the ultimate government, and God expects us to influence our earthly governments with His values. Even if you cannot run for office, you should vote for the right people. Pray for government officials and volunteer to offer your services as God leads you.


When you sit down to watch TV these days, a lot of nudity and promiscuity are put in our faces. All of this warps our mentalities and influences us negatively. Even if you have control of your mind, what about the kids? You can become a change agent by pushing out positive content. If you feel like you aren’t gifted in this area, you can pray for those in this area. Send in reviews to discourage harmful content and suggest cleaner content to viewers.


If you are a business owner, you can change your whole sector by implementing kingdom principles in your business. Abstain from doing business the way the world does. Instead, be led by the Holy Spirit to run your business differently. Your business shouldn’t be just about making a profit, it should also bless lives and make a difference. Lead by example and show other entrepreneurs that they can do business differently.


Being a change agent is an essential responsibility. Our world has been eaten up by so much decadence, and it is our responsibility to clean it up. God has empowered us to represent Him through the finished works of the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit. Find your spot and start to influence your world. Kindly visit GodKulture for other exciting articles to help you as a Christian creative.

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