Happy New Year

Hi Friend,

Happy New Year! 2023 is here, and I’m so excited and expectant about what God will do in our lives.

We’re truly grateful for our community of visionaries at GodKulture and we look forward to a year of impact.

This year, we are focused on growing a deeper connection with God. We want to explore “communion”. As a community, we seek to grow spiritually and equip each other with the resources needed to achieve that spiritual growth.

Do you know God on a heart level or you know Him on a knowledge level only? This is what we explore this year. Not just that, we break down concepts, ideas, and topics around “communion” so that we all find ways to achieve better spiritual growth this year.

What is communion? It’s all about fellowship and intimacy with God. It’s about embracing the will of God and investing tangible time in His presence. It’s about choosing to commune with God.

We are focusing on letting go of lukewarmness, being spiritually cold, and rather, we are in pursuit of a deeper relationship with God. We want to build a community of believers who are totally sold out to God.

Are you ready?

We hope you join us.

We have also reviewed our membership plans to suit your growing needs as a community. Please take out some time to check it out here.

Happy New Year once again. We look forward to the great things we are going to do together and individually as a community.


Rotimi Kehinde

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