His Only Son

‘His Only Son’ Becomes First-Ever Crowdfunded Theatrical Release, Coming this Easter

“His Only Son” is a new film that is based on the story of Abraham and Isaac. This movie recently made history as the first crowdfunded theatrical release. It had a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $1.235 million from more than 60,000 angel investors. The movie is hitting the theaters this Easter and there is so much anticipation. Continue reading to find out more.

About “His Only Son” and its Crowdfunding Success

“His Only Son” is spearheaded by Angel Studios, the same company that introduced us to “The Chosen.” Already, “The Chosen” has been viewed more than 420 million times across the globe. According to Jared Geesey, a spokesperson for Angel Studios, “we just had to bring this epic story of faith.”

This film tells the story of Abraham and his son, Isaac from Genesis 22. The idea was conceived by David Helling, a former US Marine. His time serving in the Iraqi deserts inspired him to tell biblical accounts in theatrical format to the people. Helling is also the director of the movie.

The movie hit the theaters on March 31. According to the CEO of Angel Studios, Neal Harmon, “crowdfunding for His Only Son reached capacity in 100 hours.”

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