Jonathan Roumie says ‘All Glory to God’ as ‘Jesus Revolution’ Continues to Exceed Expectations

Jonathan Roumie has given God all the glory following the success of the revival film, “Jesus Revolution.” He plays the role of Lonnie Frisbee, a hippie preacher, in the movie. Records show that the movie has exceeded all expectations so far at the box office. Continue reading to find out more.

Jonathan Roumie Thanks God for the Success of “Jesus Revolution”

Jonathan Roumie
Jonathan Roumie (Source: Catholic News Agency)

Roumie cannot hide his excitement about the success Jesus Revolution has gathered since its release. On his Instagram account, he posted, “My dear friends … this is just too unreal. Thank you for supporting and embracing this film! All glory to God. Looks like our prayers are being heard. I spent opening day in a monastery in prayer, grateful for all I’ve been given. Because that’s where I needed to be. … Reminding myself that serving God and each other is the first priority in life. Everything else is icing on the cake. … Or in this case, bourbon vanilla, chantilly whipped cream with maraschino cherries. … Thank you again.”

Roumie stars as Frisbee in the movie alongside other actors. Some of them include Joel Courtney, who plays the role of Greg Laurie, and Kelsey Grammer, who stars as Pastor Chuck Smith. 

Jesus Revolution’s Success at the Box Office

Jesus Revolution opened in more than 2,400 theaters and gathers about $15.5 million in its first weekend at the box office. This amount is over double the initial projection by the producers. So far, this movie has grossed more than $19 million domestically.

Several filmmakers have shown reactions to the movie’s overwhelming success. One of them is Jon Erwin, the movie’s co-director. He said in a statement, “Jesus Revolution” “would be a special movie back during filming,” but “didn’t know how perfect God’s timing would be in releasing it. With the revivals sweeping the country, I’m blown away by how much people love this movie and how ‘Jesus Revolution” feels like a part of something so much bigger.”

The movie’s other co-director, Brent McCorkle, added, “‘Jesus Revolution’ is all about love. After all, you can’t spell ‘revolution’ without ‘love.’ My heart for this film is that people who watch it have a stirring inside that calls them back to love … to getting back to the practice of caring for each other again, just as Jesus did. Reading stories of that happening across the country has been incredible.

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