Kirk Franklin and Maverick City

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Music Hold Benefit Concert in Los Angeles’ Skid Row to Combat Poverty

Gospel music legend Kirk Franklin and recent Grammy Award winners Maverick City Music recently worked together to hold a benefit concert in Los Angeles. The gospel music duo teamed up with Los Angeles Mission, a non-profit organization, to combat poverty in Skid Row.

About the Los Angeles Skid Row Benefit Concert

In an interview, Troy Vaughn, the president of Los Angeles Mission, spoke about how this collaboration fulfilled a dream God gave him some years back. He says, “About five years or so ago, God gave me a vision called Music Matters. Music Matters stands for Maintaining Universal Strategic Investment In Community. And we can have, as the backdrop, bring music back to our heart. Music is a universal language, and everybody understands music, right? And then we can use that as the backdrop of community transformation.”

Troy went further to say, “And, you know, God brought me back full circle here because I think it’s really important for us to understand that homelessness, at least here in Los Angeles, we understand homelessness with a clear association with Skid Row. And so we come back today to send a message.”

Remember we told you that Kirk Franklin and Maverick City Music recently made an album together and have been on tour. The duo held the Benefit concert on Skid Row’s streets in Los Angeles on July 25. There were several other gospel artists in attendance, including Judith Christie McAllister.

Vaughn went on to explain how he was overwhelmed by what God was doing through Maverick City. He also talked about his experience as a homeless individual, his father’s death from a drug overdose, and how God called him.

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