Maverick City and Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin, Maverick City lead Whoopi Goldberg to Worship on ‘The View’

It is no secret that Kirk Franklin and Maverick City are on tour and recently released an album, Kingdom Book 1. Kirk and Maverick City appeared on “The View” in June and led Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the audience in dancing and singing.

The gospel music sensations got an invite to celebrate Juneteenth on the show. Juneteenth is a federal holiday that commemorates the freedom of the last set of enslaved African Americans in Texas. The United States only established the holiday last year to celebrate this event that happened on 19 June 1865.

Leading the Audience in Worship

Kirk Franklin, as is his custom, sat behind the piano while Chandler Moore, Brandon Lake, and Naomi Raine of Maverick City sang the verses of “Kingdom,” their new single. Before the performance, Kirk uttered the words, “Lord, let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Until everyone’s free, no one is free.”

Kirk Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg, Maverick City Music
Whoppi Goldberg dancing and singing with Kirk Franklin and Maverick City on stage

As the performance grew, Goldberg, along with her co-hosts, started clapping in response to the music. In one accord, they sang, 

If you want to know what Heaven looks like,

Looking like me and you,

If you want to know what Heaven sounds like,

Just let it fill the room.”

Before a commercial break, Franklin beckoned for Whoopi Goldberg to join them on stage. Jordan Hollins, the ten-year-old viral sensation, also got on the stage. Goldberg was immersed in this experience as she could hold back her smiles while singing and dancing with Kirk and Maverick City Music. 

About Kingdom Book 1

The song “Kingdom” is one of the tracks on the recently released “Kingdom Book 1” by Kirk Franklin and Maverick City. This collaboration between sixteen-time Grammy winner Kirk Franklin, and Maverick City Music, which won its first Grammy, is out of this world. They recorded the songs from the grounds of a Florida correctional facility where one thousand three hundred inmates added their voices to the project.

The desire is that through this body of work, they can beam the light on justice regardless of how much injustice we experience in our world today. Kingdom Book 1 is available via Fo Yo Soul Entertainment/RCA Inspiration and Tribl Records.

As mentioned earlier, Kirk Franklin and Maverick City Music are on a tour titled “The Kingdom Tour.” Meanwhile, you can check out other exciting Christian news articles and resources on GodKulture.

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