Love from God’s Perspective: Few Things You Should Know

Love is one word that we throw around so much these days. Interestingly, many people have a warped idea of what this word means. Because of this, we cannot truly love our family members, spouses, friends, neighbors, talk more of our enemies.

God isn’t just love, He shows us how to love through his word. If you are going to love the right way, you have to understand love through the scriptures. This post will show you love from God’s perspective. Let’s get started.


What is Love from God’s Perspective?

When we talk about biblical love, one scripture that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 13. Paul writes this scripture as part of his letter to the church in Corinth. He explains what love is in this scripture, and we will use it as a basis to explain love from God’s perspective. 

What is love? God is love, and since there is no way to define God, it is practically impossible to express love in its most accurate form. However, we have taken excerpts from Paul’s letter in 1 Corinthians 13 to show you what love is from God’s perspective:

  • True love is patient.
  • It is kind and compassionate.
  • Love is humble, not boastful or proud.
  • It does not envy others. Instead, it is thankful and content for each blessing.
  • Love honors and respects others regardless of age, achievements, or social status.
  • True love is never inconsiderate, greedy, or selfish. Instead, it is selfless, esteeming others more.
  • It always does right, stays disciplined, and avoids wrongdoings.
  • Love is truthful and honest, never telling lies or keeping secrets.
  • It always protects its own to keep them safe from harm and hurt.
  • True love has faith. It is always optimistic.
  • Love persists, it never gives up.
  • Perfect love kicks fear out of the window. It is never anxious or worried about insecurities.
  • True love never hates. It does good to everyone, including enemies.
  • Love always makes sacrifices. It never stays in its comfort zone.

That’s love from God’s perspective. When you view love in this manner, you understand that only God can help you love like this.

Does the World see Love in this Light?

Love is one topic that has drawn debates for several centuries. There are different sides of the divide, with cynics being of the opinion that there is nothing like love. On the other hand, Romantics believe in love and would do anything to find it. We have already shown you what the Bible says about this matter above.

But then, is love just about a feeling? Is it the butterflies you feel in your belly when you meet up with someone? Shouldn’t love go beyond romance or family?

The world doesn’t see love in the same light as Christians do. There is a different yardstick to define love that doesn’t conform to the scripture. Love from the world’s perspective is:

  • A feeling of affection.
  • Intimacy.
  • Lust.
  • Money and provision.
  • A sense of security.
  • Keeping secrets in a guise to protect the other from harm and hurt.
  • Premarital sex.
  • Self-satisfaction, and lots more.

Little wonder why our world is losing morals every day. We try to lower the standards because of what is obtainable today. Interestingly, God wouldn’t lower His standards for us. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Weigh love from God’s perspective with how the world views it. There’s always going to be one winner, God. Next time when you’re thinking of how to love someone else, use God’s standard instead of the world’s. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out exciting articles on GodKulture.

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