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Mind (to Infinity): How to Find Your True Calling and Walk in Purpose

We often use purpose and calling interchangeably and rightly so. This is because your purpose is God’s calling upon your life to fit into His original master plan. The challenge is that many people have no idea what they are called to do or that God can call them. You would get mixed answers if you asked a group if they knew what God called them to do. Many will present negative responses, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

Are you seeking your true calling, or have you found it but don’t know how to walk in purpose? This post was written to help you.

PurposeFest 2022: Mind (to Infinity)

Before continuing, allow us to introduce you to PurposeFest 2022. This meeting is a gathering of visionary leaders and purpose-driven individuals who desire to change their world. It features seasoned speakers and experienced industry leaders who will be sharing their experiences and wisdom nuggets with attendees.

Why you should not miss this year's edition
PurposeFest holds in a few weeks

The theme for this year’s edition is “Mind (to Infinity),” which focuses on intersecting purpose and innovation. Our world is driven by technology but not all innovation is positive. This meeting seeks to educate attendees on how to channel their minds and purpose towards positive innovation to influence our world.

It holds between Friday, Aug 19, 2022, at 9:00 am and Saturday, Aug 20, 2022, at 6:00 pm (CDT). You can either attend virtually from any location in the world or join us physically at the address below:

Fort Knox Studios,

4261N, Knox Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60641.

Click here to register.

How to Find Your Calling

Purpose has a strong pull, and at a point, you will find yourself asking the question, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” This question pops up often because there is a void that we feel if we haven’t found purpose. How do you find your calling? Here are a few tips:

Ask God

Nobody knows a product more than the manufacturer. They designed it to satisfy a need and equipped it with everything necessary to function. In the same way, nobody knows you as much as God does, not even yourself. He has the blueprint of your life and knows why He created you.

If you are going to find your calling, who else should you speak to asides from God? Spend time in prayer, studying the word, and meditation. Be clear about what you want; soon, you will get a clear word from God regarding your calling.

Consider your gifts

No human being is created without gifts. Everyone has a talent or set of skills. You were not blessed with these gifts to gratify yourself. God equipped you with them to help you fulfill your purpose.

Are you still searching for purpose? Take some time to consider your gifts. They’ll tell, to a large extent, what you were born to do. Your gifts are not the end but a means to the end. Taking an inventory of them helps point you towards your calling.

Find out your passion

As mentioned earlier, purpose is so strong that it always has a pull on us. Do you know that without thinking about it, you probably have been so close to your calling all your life? Somehow, you’ve always had an affinity towards a particular field; you’ve always desired to meet a specific need. Purpose is not too far from that need.

Spend some time asking yourself what your true passion is. Look deeper as your purpose may just be lying within that passion.

Pay attention

Do you know that the truth is always knocking at the door? We may ignore it, but it will always be there. You’ve probably had certain recurring thoughts or desires all your life. Do you know your purpose could be embedded in those thoughts? It is time to start paying attention to them.

Walking in Purpose

Finding your calling is one side of the coin; you must take specific steps to fulfill your purpose. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Seek God’s face for wisdom.
  • Learn more about your purpose.
  • Write a purpose statement.
  • Set goals in line with your purpose.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Connect with other purpose-driven individuals in your niche.
  • Attend events like PurposeFest.


Finding your calling and walking in purpose sharpens your focus and brings clarity. This post has shown you how to find your calling and walk towards purpose fulfillment. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them below. Meanwhile, spend some time reading through posts on GodKulture today.

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