God's Country Song

New film ‘God’s Country Song’ Offers Hope and Healing to Those Struggling with Addiction

A new movie, “God’s Country Song,” is on PureFlix and it has several interesting lessons. Read this post to learn more.

According to The Christian Post, a new film from PureFlix, the leading faith and family-friendly streaming service, tackles the issue of addiction and its impact on families and faith.

The film, titled “God’s Country Song“, is directed by Johnny Remo, who lost his daughter to heroin several years ago. He said he wanted to use his gift of storytelling to help others who might be struggling with addiction themselves.

Johnny Remo Speaking About God’s Country Song

Johnny Remo, the director of the new movie recently spoke about his experience and the inspiration behind the movie. “It’s tough. It’s just something you never get over, you never forget,” he said of losing his daughter. “We wanted to do something to let people know that you can talk to family, you can talk to people, that your loved ones want to help. You can talk to medical people, that’s what they do.”

The film stars Justin Gaston as Noah Bryan, a charming yet troubled country singer who is determined to make it big in the music scene. However, while on the road to success, he’s informed he has a 5-year-old son, J.J., he didn’t know existed. The boy’s mother, who Noah barely remembers, has passed away, and he’s tasked with raising the child alone.

Struggling with a dependence on alcohol and a fractured relationship with his own father, Noah is faced with an ultimatum: Should he raise his child or leave his family behind to see his country music dream fulfilled?

“God’s Country Song” is a multigenerational story about faith, fatherhood, and forgiveness. Noah has always resented his father for not supporting his dreams of fame and fortune, but when he learns how his father gave up his own ambitions to serve God and his family, he learns a valuable lesson.

The film also features Mariel Hemingway as Noah’s mother and Christopher Michael as Noah’s father.

“God’s Country Song” is a heartfelt movie on what it means to be a father and place your family before your ambitions. Watch as Noah rediscovers his faith, reconnects with his own father and follows God’s plan for his life.

The film is now streaming exclusively on PureFlix.com. You can watch the trailer here. For more information about the film, visit the official website here.

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