Pat Robertson Steps Down as 700 Club Host

Pat Robertson is one of the legendary faces on TV because of what he did with 700 Club. He turned a small Virginia-based TV station into a religious broadcasting brand recognized globally. The famous TV host announced that he was stepping down as host of 700 Club earlier this month. Robertson announced this via a statement where he mentioned that Gordon Robertson, his son, will take over the reins of the world-renowned Christian TV show. 

Pat Robertson and The 700 Club – How it Began

The 91-year-old started Christian Broadcasting Network on 1st October 1961 when he bought a bankrupt Portsmouth-based UHF TV station. The 700 Club started production five years after this purchase, and the rest is history.

CBN is now based in Virginia Beach and claims it reaches over a hundred countries in different languages. It achieves this through video evangelism and TV, prayer centers, and online ministry. Robertson is also the founder of the Christian Coalition that seeks to galvanize evangelicals in America into a formidable political force. He ran for the office of the President of the United States in 1988. 

Pat Robertson – Controversies

The popular TV host is not exempt from controversies as he has received backlash for some of his pronouncements on air. A famous example is his call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President, in 2005. He also told the residents of one of the rural towns in Pennsylvania that they shouldn’t be surprised that they would experience disaster for voting out members of the school board with a preference for teaching “intelligent design.”

One time, the veteran broadcaster advocated for an end to mandatory prison sentences for individuals convicted for marijuana possession. He further stated that the government should legalize marijuana and treat it the way they did alcohol. His reason was that the government had failed in its war against drugs. 

A New Era

Gordon Robertson took over from his father as the Chief Executive of the Christian Broadcasting Network in December 2007. However, Pat Robertson still appeared as the host of The 700 Club and sat as CBN chairman. 

Stepping down from the show doesn’t mean we wouldn’t see him on The 700 Club anymore. He will still make monthly appearances on the interactive episode of the show. CBN also announced that Robertson will make occasional appearances “as news warrants.” His son, Gordon, said that his father’s exemplary prayer life and legacy would be a template for The 700 Club in the future.

The New 700 Club Host

As we mentioned earlier, the new host of The 700 Club is Gordon Robertson. He is 63 years old and has been the Chief Executive of CBN for 14 years. The younger Robertson attended Yale and is an ex-real estate lawyer. 

Gordon has been the Executive Producer of the show for 20 years and co-hosted for a more extended period. He has also hosted a daughter show called “700 Club Interactive” for several years.” According to Gordon in his statement to The Associated Press, viewers shouldn’t expect many changes to the show that airs between 9 am, and 10 am every weekday. 

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