Why you should not miss this year's edition

PurposeFest: Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s Edition

No life exists without purpose, yet only a few ever discover it. Can you imagine how exciting our world would be if everyone would find and walk in their purpose? 

PurposeFest is a gathering of transformative purpose-driven individuals passionate about changing their world. Are you still wondering whether or not to attend this year’s edition of PurposeFest? This post will show why you shouldn’t miss PurposeFest 2022.

About PurposeFest

PurposeFest 2022
                                  PurposeFest will help you discover purpose

Before discussing why you should be in attendance at this year’s PurposeFest, let’s give you a little introduction to what this gathering is about. Do you know that the chasm between every person’s success and fulfillment is finding and fulfilling purpose? God designed each of us for a specific reason. We are more like pieces of an enormous Jigsaw puzzle. Not knowing or fulfilling our purpose is taking ourselves out of God’s enormous puzzle.

PurposeFest presents every attendee the opportunity to understand what purpose is and leads each one towards fulfillment. This meeting brings together thought leaders, speakers, and an extensive purpose-driven community. You can discover your true self by meeting these individuals, listening to these speakers, and accessing tons of resources.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss PurposeFest 2022

This year’s edition of PurposeFest is tagged “Mind to Infinity.” It seeks to introduce us to the idea of using the hidden potentials of our minds to birth positive innovation in our world. We can make our earth better by conjuring top-notch ideas to improve the quality of life in our spheres of influence. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss this year’s edition of PurposeFest:

The Amazing Speakers

What better way to understand the idea of purpose than to listen to seasoned speakers with loads of experience? Each edition of PurposeFest is an avenue to listen to an array of seasoned speakers from different sectors of the global economy.

These individuals have seen it all, from discovering purpose to experiencing challenges on the path to fulfillment. Their experiences qualify them to show us how to discover and walk towards fulfilling our purpose. You wouldn’t just listen to them; you can ask questions regarding any of your concerns in line with purpose discovery and fulfillment.

Access to resources

Listening to seasoned speakers alone may not be sufficient to lead you towards purpose fulfillment. The organizers of PurposeFest understand this and have provided an array of resources for every attendee. Once you register for PurposeFest 2022, you gain access to these incredible resources that will expand your knowledge base about the purpose subject.

Mixing the knowledge from these resources with what you’ll gain from the speakers and thought leaders should unlock new levels of desire in each attendee. The idea is to expose you to as much knowledge as possible to help you grow. It doesn’t stop with PurposeFest 2022; access to these resources is for life so that you can go over them over and over.

Networking with a purpose-driven community

The people around you are essential in driving you towards success or failure. PurposeFest is designed to help attendees network with other transformative leaders and purpose-driven individuals worldwide. While this year’s edition presents a virtual experience, you still have the opportunity to network with members of our community.

Share thoughts, ideas, experiences, and so on with these individuals to sharpen your abilities. Doing this equips you with all you need to improve the quality of life in your sphere of influence and become a better leader.

How to Register for PurposeFest 2022

Enough said about why you shouldn’t miss this year’s edition of PurposeFest. By now, you must be drooling over the idea and wondering how you can become a part of it. Here’s the good news you have been waiting for.

Registration for PurposeFest 2022 is mandatory for each attendee. It costs only $55.60 for the two days, including sales tax and other charges. You can quickly register by clicking here

Remember that PurposeFest 2022 will be held between Friday, Aug 19, 2022, at 9:00 AM and Saturday, Aug 20, 2022, at 6:00 PM CDT. 


That’s it for why you shouldn’t miss PurposeFest 2022. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section. 

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