6 Reasons Why You Should Discover Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you are here or why you exist? There are so many people like you trying to find out their purpose. Not everyone succeeds at discovering their purpose. Several people who end up finding theirs are likely to get distracted before fulfilling it.

Then again, some keep wondering why we need to go on the purpose discovery journey. Scholars say that you are likely to enjoy a more meaningful life if you do. The reason for this is that you have a clearer understanding of who you are and what your assignment is. Beyond these, there are several other reasons why you should discover purpose.

Benefits of Discovering your Purpose

Below are 5 reasons why you should discover purpose.

Find a meaning to life

We shouldn’t just live because we have breath in our nostrils or our organs are functioning right. There is more to life than having fun, earning money, spending time with loved ones, etc. It is difficult to find the true essence of our lives without first discovering purpose.

Purpose presents you with a certain clarity about your life that you can’t find anywhere else. When you know why you are here, it guides your decisions and the kind of relationships you build. It also influences what you invest your time in and the kind of places you go. When you are clear on the reason for your existence, life ceases to be ephemeral. Each breath bears meaning because you know that you have a responsibility on your shoulder.

With purpose comes focus

Finding meaning to your life helps you to develop a new skill. This skill is called “focus.” Focus is more of a skill than an act. It allows you to concentrate your efforts and attention on a goal without procrastination. With focus, you can pay attention to purpose without flinching regardless of setbacks and distractions.

Finding purpose is just one part of the deal, fulfilling it is where many people have a problem. If you have a problem with focusing your efforts, it is probably because you have discovered purpose. When you do, you become more intentional with your life. You are more conscious about your time, money, relationships, and efforts.

More valuable life

Your values define who you are even though many people argue that it is habits. Of course, habits play a role, however, they are a function of knowledge, ideals, and beliefs that make up “values.” The only reason why you want to develop good habits is because of your value system.

What you value is a function of your purpose. So getting enough sleep, eating right, staying healthy, and studying are all a function of value. But then, you can hardly develop a value system without being inclined towards a purpose.

Discovering purpose brings clarity that influences the kind of values that you live by. These values turn into the code of conduct that forms your habits. Once you discover why you are unique, your values appear automatically.

Passion and drive

Ever found yourself struggling for passion and drive? It is probably you haven’t discovered purpose yet. When you do, it fills you with a certain energy that fuels your passion and drive. Each morning, this excitement wakes you up and pulls you out of bed. 

The absence of purpose makes each day drag unimaginably long. You can’t wait for the weekend to come and you keep praying that it doesn’t end. As Monday approaches, you dread stepping out of your home and would rather be doing something else.

All that lack of excitement goes away once you discover purpose. Now, there is something that you care about. There is a responsibility that you want to cater to, a higher pursuit that you can’t neglect. 

Achieve success unique to you

Success is not an end, it should be a result of doing what you are here for, what you enjoy. What this means is that success should not be defined by the status quo. Without a life purpose, you end up determining success based on what other people think. As a result, you’d either feel inadequate or drive yourself beyond capacity.

Success should be the reward for each milestone on your path to fulfilling your purpose. You should define what success means to you. When you have a clear picture of purpose, you know what tasks you should carry out. Achieving these tasks birth the fulfillment that we term success. When you view success in this light, then you are assured that it is imminent. 

Makes life fun to live

Discovering purpose infuses a certain joy into your life. Notice the word “joy” not “happiness.” The latter is an emotion resulting from external experiences. Joy, on the other hand, is stronger and not dependent on external experiences. It is more long-lasting.

When you find purpose, joy flows from your inside. This joy makes life more fun. You are more enthusiastic to work. Creativity flows more than ever and even the dullest activities appear exciting. Overall, you enjoy living far more when you discover purpose.

Wrapping up

Discovering purpose births positivity that makes life worth living. Your life experiences a lift that influences your work and relationships. GodKulture presents you with several articles on improving your life and work as a creative.

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