Reclaim Lost Time: 4 Ways to Reclaim Your Lost Time

It’s just a few weeks to the end of the year, and it’s that time when we start to recount our achievements. When you look back, you will likely beat yourself up for misusing some valuable time. Probably, those minutes that you spent scrolling through Instagram while you were trying to refresh before your next task. It might just be five minutes each time, but when you sum them up, they seem like a lifetime.

The question that begs an answer at this point is, “how do you reclaim such lost time?” A famous singer once sang, “If I could turn back the hands of time…” Many times, we wish we could do the same but time is an irredeemable resource. In reality, we cannot reclaim lost time; we can make the time on our hands more productive. We will show you four ways to do this in this post. Let’s begin.

Ways to Reclaim Your Lost Time

Draw up a To-Do List

To-Do lists help you to manage your time more efficiently. Before drawing up a to-do list, you must first figure out the duration the list should cover. While drawing one up for each day is ideal, you can take it a notch higher and create one for the week. Doing this helps you plan your whole week, and then you can break the list into daily modules.

A good practice with drawing up to-do lists is to add the duration for each task. You can easily knock out the tasks that consume very little time in your spare periods when you do this. It all boils down to knowing your priority tasks and sticking to the list to complete them. If you don’t like to write in black and white, you can consider an app like Things or Todoist.

Frequently Refresh Your To-Do List

It is one thing to create a “to-do list,” it is another to update or refresh it frequently. According to David Allen in his “Getting Things Done” methodology, he states that holding issues, actions, and concerns in mind is energy-consuming. As such, it can become a distraction if you do not refresh your to-do list.

David suggests that you write everything down regardless of how inconsequential it seems. Taking this step helps to ease the mind and allows it to focus. You can refresh your list quickly if you make use of an app. If you don’t, you need to move around with a notepad and a pen. You can always transfer the information to your main list once you return to your desk.

Get Phone Discipline

What is phone discipline? It is being mindful of what you do with your phone, when you do it, and where. The smartphone is one of the biggest blessings of technology to our world. It allows us to communicate easily across very long distances. We use our phones for business transactions, to handle official work, connect with family and friends, etc.

While it is such a huge blessing, the smartphone has a downside. If you are not careful, it can become a serious distraction. Sometimes, you want to take a few minutes off work to refresh your mind, and you pick up your device. You plan to spend a few minutes on Instagram or TikTok, only for you to discover that you just spent an hour.

Getting phone discipline requires you to be conscious about how much time you spend on your smartphone. You can track the duration using several apps. Also, you can be more intentional about what you do with your smartphone. Instead of scrolling through social media, why not respond to some LinkedIn messages?


Find an Accountability Coach

While you must work on improving your time management by yourself, accountability pushes you further. Working with an accountability coach keeps you in check so that you meet your goals within specific timeframes. An accountability coach doesn’t just keep you in check, they provide motivation and assistance.

If you have been finding it difficult to manage your time following the suggestions above, an accountability coach should help. Such an individual must have a track record of managing their time efficiently. Work with them to draw up time-bound goals and let them help you focus on achieving these goals.


Even though it seems unthinkable, it is possible to reclaim your time. Leave the past behind and focus on what you do with your time now and in the future. We have shown you four ways to reclaim your time in this post. What other methods do you know? Please share them with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, visit GodKulture to check out exciting topics for a Christian creative.

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