Revisiting Pentecost

Just before His ascension, Jesus Christ told His disciples that they would receive power after the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Ten days after, while they were locked up and praying in the Upper Room, something strange happened. There was a loud sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the room where the disciples were. Cloves of fire appeared on their heads, and they began speaking in other tongues. All of this put together introduced us to the day of Pentecost.

But what exactly does “Pentecost” mean? How significant is it to the modern church, and what are its benefits to your creativity? Continue reading to find out. 

What is Pentecost, and What’s its Origin?

We are used to the idea of Pentecost as the “Sunday” closest to the fiftieth day after Easter. It is one of the major festivals celebrated by the Christian faith. The question that begs an answer is, “what is Pentecost, and what’s its origin?”

Let’s take a stroll back to the original idea of Pentecost. The Jews used to celebrate Pentecost or Shavuot as a time to give thanks for the first fruits of the wheat harvest. However, it became more associated with remembering when God gave Moses the Law on Mount Sinai.

Pentecost in Greek is “pentecostē,” meaning “fiftieth day.” It is a celebration of the Holy Spirit’s descent upon the apostles and the other disciples. When you consider this, a new question pops up, “why did the church transform a Jewish feast into a Christian festival?”

It was because they considered the arrival of the Holy Spirit as the first fruit of the new dispensation. The dispensation of “Grace” that was replacing the dispensation of the “Law.” At that time, Pentecost was celebrated as the fifty days after Easter. 

How is Pentecost significant to the modern church?

To date, Pentecost is still a central tenet of the Christian faith, even though most people don’t know its significance. While we celebrate Pentecost as a festival, it is a lot more than this. It marks the beginning of the modern church and a new dispensation of grace.

Just before Jesus Christ left the earth, He promised us the Holy Spirit. His arrival was to endue us with the power to become witnesses of Christ to the ends of the world. What this means is that without Pentecost, we wouldn’t have even heard the gospel. The only way the apostles and disciples received the ability to spread the word was Pentecost. 

Now, we have Christians in almost every country in the world. We experience signs, wonders, miracles, and the supernatural because of this singular experience. About two thousand years after the initial Pentecost experience, we still bask in power that was released.

How can your creativity benefit from Pentecost?

Beyond being significant to the modern church, Pentecost is vital to our lives and our creative abilities. It doesn’t matter what you create; you need the power to fuel your creativity. The power that Jesus Christ promised would come with the Holy Spirit’s arrival is “dunamis.”

Dunamis is a Greek word that translates to “power, ability, or force.” It is mentioned in several parts of the scripture, significantly in Acts 1:8. Paul also mentions this word when he talks about the kind of spirit God gave us in 2 Timothy 1:7.

This explosive power propels us to exhibit the same creative ability that God displayed during the creation. It is the same explosive power that Jesus showed when he performed miracles. This power dwells in us because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Tapping into this power influences your creativity in more ways than you can imagine. If you ever get stuck working on a project or need new ideas for your business, activate this power. It inspires us and sharpens our skills such that we become exceptional. 

The power doesn’t help us to be good Christians alone. We received it to become witnesses to the kingdom culture in our spheres of influence. So regardless of what you do, this power helps you achieve the best results so that through your results, you become a witness. Being a witness allows you to make your world a better place and draw men to the kingdom.


The Pentecost isn’t just a festival; it signifies the Holy Spirit indwelling every Christian. It shows that we display the same creative power of God in our world today to be witnesses of God’s kingdom. Pray for a renewed Pentecost experience in your life today to tap into the benefits of this power. Meanwhile, check out GodKulture for other articles about revival.

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