Revival Starts From Within: How to Experience Personal Revival

The church needs revival, but if individuals don’t experience personal revival, there is less impact on our world. There are several examples of revival since the ascension of Jesus Christ. Each of these moments in time has specific impacts on individuals and Christendom as a whole.

Revival is one of the ways to rekindle your fire. It gives you a new breath of life, restores your love for God, and increases your ability to love others. Experiencing personal revival is one thing; sustaining it is another. In this post, we will show you how to experience and sustain personal revival.

Explaining Personal Revival 

An excellent place to begin this discussion is to explain what personal revival means. The first thing to note about personal revival is that it is an experience. This experience reawakens the Christian, and it results in a newfound thirst and hunger for God.

Personal revival is an experience that activates a Christian’s passion and inner drive for God and service. It restores one to the first love they had for God and awakens the spirit to a continuous revelation of Christ. 

Experiencing personal revival is vital as it ensures that you remain spiritually relevant. This relevance influences your creativity and productivity, thus improving your impact on your sphere of influence.

How to Experience Personal Revival

Would you like to experience personal revival and sustain it? We have put together a few tips to help you out in this section.

Study the Word

If you need personal restoration, the best place to begin is the Word of God. One scripture that comes to mind is David’s Psalms, either 50 or 51. Both contain David’s prayers seeking God’s face for restoration and revival. Of course, you can seek out other verses that appeal to your heart and situation.

Personal revival involves getting more of God’s spirit into you to spur you towards salvation. Where else to find grace for your journey of rejuvenation than through Christ’s words. Just like Psalms 119:105 says, God’s word is a lamp on our path that guides us. Continual meditation on God’s word helps you to develop a working relationship with God.

Pray Without Ceasing

Paul tells the Thessalonians in his first letter to them to pray without ceasing for a purpose. Prayer is communication with God. Continuous contact with a person or idea influences other areas of your life. This means that communicating with God without ceasing draws you closer to Him and impacts your life. 

Prayer is one of the avenues for Christians to refresh and refuel. During this process, you get to pour out yourself to God, creating the opportunity for Him to fill you with Himself. He shines His light upon your darkest parts and breathes into you afresh. 

Many times, we put ourselves under the pressure of spending hours in prayer. Achieving this takes a while of practice, just like visiting the gym. Begin with short bursts of prayer that last a few seconds to minutes and grow from here. You can also employ aids to prayer like music and scriptural verses. As you continue to practice, you’d unconsciously begin to spend more time in prayer.

Listen to the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ promised us a special gift as He prepared to round up His ministry on earth. That special gift is the Holy Spirit, and He is the best companion that any Christian could have. If you seek revival, then you must rekindle your relationship with the Holy Spirit consciously.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher, helper, and a lot more. As such, He wants to communicate with us constantly. The question is, do we even recognize His voice, and if we do, are we ready to listen? How much we heed the Holy Spirit’s voice determines our overall personal revival experience. Everything that we have discussed so far leads you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit with more ease.

Free Yourself of Hindrances to Revival

There are several things trying to distract us from God’s presence these days. While we often think that the hindrances to revival are sin, we have many other distractions these days, from social media to the widespread use of smartphones and running our businesses. It is pretty easy to sway from being conscious of God these days.

As you repent of your sins, you must ask yourself what other things take you off course in your relationship with God. List these things and make conscious efforts to free yourself of these vices.


We have shared a few tips on how to experience personal revival in this post. Meanwhile, you can join our GodKulture community to access more resources.

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