Setting Goals: 5 Reasons Why You Should Set Creative Goals in the New Year

Welcome to January 2022, the time of the year when everyone is big on resolutions and ways to become better. The New Year always comes with great promises and a desire to do something different. Talking or thinking about what you want to do is excellent but cheap without an execution plan.

Instead of leaving things to chance this year, we suggest that you set creative goals. Wondering why? Continue reading to find out.

Reasons Why You Should Set Creative Goals in the New Year

It is very easy for a creative to get lost in each day’s activities. Running your life this way isn’t beneficial to you because it is similar to moving from pillar to post. Creative goals will help you to achieve a lot more in 2022. Here are five reasons why you need to set creative goals this year:

Propelling force

Here’s what happens when you write a goal with a specific timeframe. It presents you with something to plan for and work towards. Written goals are external representations of internal desires. They constantly remind you of what you seek to accomplish.

How do these goals propel you towards achievement? There is this excitement that comes with setting goals. A certain energy accompanies this excitement that pushes you to work harder than ever. You suddenly begin to push yourself towards achieving the tasks ahead from the beginning of the year.


Making decisions with goals in mind is very important. With well-defined goals, you have a clear picture of what you seek to achieve, where you need to go, and the things you should do. All of these make it a lot easier to decide at crossroads.

You set a goal to write five articles per week for your blog. You can tell from this goal how many pieces you should write per day. Also, it helps you figure out how much time you should dedicate to writing articles daily. 

When you set goals early in the year, you automatically put your decision-making on autopilot. This effect on your life all through the year is better to focus and excellent results.


One way to fuel personal ambition is to set goals. Goal setting goes beyond creating plans, and it also inspires you to aim higher and take action where necessary.

If you have ever doubted your abilities to achieve certain feats, it could be because you hadn’t set goals. You have a clear picture of what you seek to accomplish with correctly set goals. As such, you can split the enormous plan into smaller modules that are easier to achieve in shorter periods. Overcoming each module adds to your self-belief and confidence to do more and achieve the goal.

Because of this, we advise that you celebrate small wins on your path to achieving your goals. Celebrating each victory makes you more confident that the next hurdle is surmountable.


One fundamental reason anyone should set goals, especially at the New Year, is accountability. When you decide to achieve a particular feat, you should work towards making it a reality. This means that you should define the steps you should take and stick to them.

Of course, there are times when you fall short of your objectives. You know that you must work harder to stay in line in such cases. Without goals, what will keep you accountable? You want to lose weight but don’t define how much and within what duration. It means you wouldn’t have any specific results to watch out for and steps to follow. How then do you track progress? Setting goals helps you deal with flimsy excuses and work hard to achieve your goals.

Eliminate mental blocks

Creative individuals cannot separate their work from mental blocks. Writers may experience writer’s block, and painters may find it challenging to paint. Asides from these, misplaced priorities, distractions, perfectionism, and misplaced priorities may show up.

Setting goals can help you deal with such issues efficiently. How? When you set goals, you should have a way to track progress and be accountable. Because of this, you have a push to achieve your goals. By so doing, you find ways to work around mental blocks and eliminate them effectively.


We cannot overemphasize the importance of setting goals for a creative, especially at the beginning of the year. In this post, we have shown you five reasons to set goals in the New Year. Kindly check out other posts on GodKulture to help you get better this year.

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