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‘There Is a God’: Actress Roma Downey Delivers Powerful Message About Faith, Blasts ‘Unkindness’ in Culture

Roma Downey is a popular actress who has inspired audiences globally for several decades through TV shows, movies, and books. Some of her most successful projects include “The Bible” and “Touched by an Angel.” She recently released a devotional with the title, “Be an Angel: Devotions to Inspire and Encourage Love and Light Along the Way.” Continue reading to find out what she said about the “unkindness” culture.

Roma Downey on Faith and the Unkindness Culture

The actress recently spoke with CBN’ Faithwire to discuss faith and the “unkindness” culture. She said, “The legacy of my work for the last 25, 30 years that I have been in this space … in a faith and family space, where my interest is in telling stories of hope, stories that uplift, stories that connect.” Roma didn’t fail to reiterate that the message has always been the same. She said, “There is a God, He loves us, and He wants to be part of our lives.”

Roma Downey also mentioned that the importance of acts of kindness cannot be overemphasized. Her hope is that her new devotional can help people focus on what matters the most. This way, we can all work together to change our world for good, one step at a time.

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Downey said she began writing the devotional when she discovered that there was so much negativity and discouragement in the world. According to her, she sought to provide an alternative. She said, “Every time you turn the news on, there’s discouragement. We see so much division, not just in our country, but in our world — so much unkindness.”

You can click here to watch the complete interview. Feel free to check out other Christian news from around the globe on GodKulture.

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